Tools and Laundry….

I hope that everyone of you had a wonderful 4th of July weekend. I got a few hours the day of the fourth to sit outside at West Yellowstone Airport at the picnic benches, a cool breeze, the sun shining down on me while I had lunch. I had a book on kindle to finish reading but it was hard to justify reading when I had such a view of the mountains and the trees right there in front of me.

There is something very invigorating in the fresh Montana air. I flew in and out of Montana all weekend long and even being at the airport there is still that very fresh Montana air.

It’s really hard to fly away from that.

The weekend was a packed on the flights that I worked. I didn’t have a lot of downtime after getting to my hotel each night. Some work trips are just that way. I had a good crew with a couple people that I have worked with before and get a long with. Which makes things easy and flow well when trips can feel hectic and there are delays and backups from any matter of thing going wrong.

Being able to laugh through the delays and finding those silver linings is the best way to get through any trip.

Today though has been rather chill. Laundry is almost done to go right back into the suitcase. Grocery shopping has been finished and in the morning I will gather all of that up and head right back to it.

So way back at the end of March my cellphone’s lights went black and I ended up getting a burner phone for the mean time. I was back and forth between waiting for stores to open back up or to order a new iPhone. Then months went by and….simply it’s nice not having a phone- my cousin was upgrading and sent me her old phone and I was able to get that all reset. So now I am back in business and with a fresh new number.

I go through numbers like I go through lipstick.

I helped my roommate Amber today set up her new bed frame and put her shelves on the wall. With all of our wall hangings, furniture building and home fixer upers I have been learning how to use home tools and how to build things. I am not overly confident in it but it is nice to know that a few tools, a little wine, good laughs and friends anything can be put together….eventually.

Little by little things seem to be coming together in the house. Eventually I will give a snippet of my favorite spots in the house and a tour of how I have set up my room.

I hope you all have a fantastic week rest of your week.

with love,


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