I am currently back at home for a hot minute before I am back at it again. Staying busy with some of the summer flying that I have been fortunate to be able to get and to pick up as well.

This last week I picked up a very busy three day trip that took me out to the PNW. The overnights weren’t very long but our days were long with the flying we did. I did still manage to get myself out each evening after getting in to go and explore around to each of the towns and cities that we went to.

The first night we flew into Eugene, OR. I have been back to Oregon often for work and I go into Eugene pretty much anytime I am out on the west coast. My first time that I flew in I explored the river walk that lead from my hotel into downtown and explored the downtown area. Which took me several hours.

This time I still kept with going over towards downtown but rather than heading there I took a turn and went to the Skinner Butte City Park. I then found that there was a trail that took you to the overlook of the Butte and did the quick hike up.

Eugene was on the cooler side and perfect to me and it was after 6 when I went and walked and hiked up the trail. By the time I got back to my hotel it was time to get to bed. There wasn’t much time to stop at a brewery but there are plenty around town.

The next night we flew in and stayed in Vancouver, BC. This was my first time with leaving the hotel room and checking out the area around me in Vancouver. It was another night with only staying for 10 hours but there was still daylight and who needs sleep in the summer time when there is so much to do.

Close to the hotel was the Fraser River and a river walk. This time the other flight attendant came with and we were pleasantly surprised to find a group of people playing bongos. It was lovely to be able to sit out by the river, the mountains over looming on the opposite side, with a sunny evening and listening to people play happily on their drums.

On the way back that evening we stopped and got some Milk Pearl Tea.

The next day I was exhausted from the lack of sleep from the previous two nights and just the constant moving. It was worth it though to me. I always feel guilty when I don’t get out and try and explore a little.

Before heading out on your summer travels make sure that you plan accordingly. Check the states, counties, and cities travel restrictions and checking out what places are open and not open for business. Many states have restrictions on those who are coming in from other states, countries or provinces.

For those that have been to Eugene and or Vancouver what is your favorite hacking trail and your favorite brewery that I should check out the next time I am in town?

With love,


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