Red Rock


I had a bit of extra time in Colorado Springs for an overnight and I took the opportunity to get outside and explore a wee bit of what the town and vicinity has to offer.

I packed my Women’s Osprey hydration pack pretty much ready to get lost.  I love my bag but am now thinking of getting something that will be easier and lighter to pack in my carry on that still allows for a water bladder.  So if anyone has any recommendations please let me know.

I was easily able to talk the First Officer working on the trip with me to go out and hike. We had wanted to go and climb The Manitou Incline but they currently have that closed off for now.  I have also been wanting to go to the Garden of the Gods but figured there would be a ton of people.

Our Uber driver actually recommended and took us over to the Red Rock Open Canyon Open Space.  There are trails, MTB & rock climbing all in the park.  We stayed out hiking for a good 3 hours and if it weren’t for the co-pilot dragging me back I would have stayed out there longer.  (only slightly joking)

I know have 101 things more I would like to do on top of all the other 101 things I’d like to do in all of the other really cool places I’d like to return or to go to. Colorado Springs has so much to offer and so easily from the city center.  Now I wonder if maybe when everything go back to topsy turvy I should transfer to Colorado Springs.

We lucked out with the weather as well. It was overcast all afternoon and it stayed right around 80 degrees with a slight breeze.   We walked and talked about life and growing up and how any of us decide to go into the aviation world.   For some its a second career, something they do after they have already retired and aren’t fully ready to be retired and for some its like a second chance at something bigger, more.

Being out around the red rock, pinyon, juniper, sage and lavender is like a time capsule of your senses.  Time seems to stand still the past and future colliding onto one another. Shadows of ghosts out the corner of my eye and as long as I don’t turn, they stay with me for however long I choose.




With love,




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