July 2020

July flew by, literally. That is all I did in July.  I have weeks running together with one day off and home to then unpack to just to turn around in the same day to pack once more for the very next day.  I haves no one else to blame but myself on this.

My days when I have been home I did get out to go for bike rides.  Dreaming of longer rides, out past major civilization out on dirt roads.  Where I don’t have to worry about smiling because its my job, where I don’t have to put on pantyhose, no makeup.  No having to rush from one gate to the next.  A sleeping bag, tent, water and some power bars to get me through however long I feel like being gone for.

For July I have been to:



Kansas City

St. Louis



Vancouver, BC

Colorado Springs




Vancouver, BC


…And since I am in a listing mood I counted up the books that I have read for July which totals to about 9 for the month.

Big Stone Gap Series ( first three)

C. Strike Series- Lethal White


The Weather Machine 

Brave New World

Talking to The Ground

and finally finished…

The death and Life of the Great Lakes

I also watched several times on Disney+  Hamilton

And when it dropped I downloaded and have been listening to Taylor Swifts – Folklore.  This is the first album of hers that I have actually gotten and I have been enjoying it when riding around and when writing.

Well I think that does it for this list of a blog.



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