Wicklow Mountains Tour

Day 4 of Girls Trip- Wicklow Mountains Day Tour- from Dublin

This tour was through Viator.com run by WildRover Tours.

On day four of Ireland Kelsey and I got up early and headed from our hostel to the main meeting tour hub in downtown Dublin.  We had grabbed coffee and scones from local coffee shop close by the pick up location.   The location is outside in the main portion of Dublin to when meeting your group pay attention to the bus tours so you’re not getting on the wrong one.  Though they are all really good about checking everyones tickets.


Once again the tour bus was spacious seating with wifi and charging hookup.  Our tour guide and driver were once again friendly, funny and knowledgeable.  I’m sure its not always easy trying to get tourist from all over to relax and have a good time and join in the fun.

From Dublin we drove west on highways and backroads. passing green rolling fields and sheep.  From the west coast to the east of Ireland fields were separated by hedges with more space between each.  Through out the counties there are ruins of towers and what once were castles and churches. They don’t just bulldoze buildings but leave them there, letting the earth take it back leaving it for the retailing the stories.


Our first big stop was in Kilkenny, Co.  We had two hours there to get lunch and explore the town.  The bus parked at the castle which is right in downtown.  Our tour guide told us about a few places that we should visit and explore.  We were told about Smithwick’s Brewery tour, St. Canice’s Cathedral Round Tower, the Witch of Kyteler’s Inn and the Hole in the Wall. There was also the tour of the Kilkenny Castle as well. 411AA06A-C0CD-4256-A541-9505E16A6CEF


B84DBDA0-A257-44FA-9AAC-04DD6B09B218Kelsey and I decided to climb the Round Tower and to check out the Hole in the Wall.  We headed for the tower first walking as quickly as we could without getting lost, taking as many pictures as we could.  We passed the Witches Inn. Which can we just say she wasn’t a witch just a very wealthy women who happened to have a lot of dead husbands under her belt.  I mean either bad luck, lucky luck or you know she helped a few of them to their graves.






We got down to the Cathedral payed for our ticket to climb the tower and my what a climb it was.  Just 90 degree verticals all the way to the top but the view of all of Kilkenny were spectacular.  We took our pictures, laughing and both of us feeling relaxed even with us trying to rush from one point to the next.  We both really enjoyed our time in Kilkenny.  We took our pictures up at the top and then climbed back down the tower and headed back to town to find The Hole in the Wall Bar and Venue.  We did find it and we were so glad we did. The owner happily took us on a tour of the place taking us to the upstairs and sharing stories of the building. It is the oldest surviving building in Kilkenny.




We then went and found a pub for a quick lunch to share before heading back to the bus and Castle.  We were able to walk around the gardens in the back of the castle to get pictures before we left to get up into the Wicklow Mountains.







Everyone hopped back into the bus and we were off to the Wicklow Mountains National Park.  We passed villages and more rolling hills until we were finally driving through the Wicklow Mountains.  We learned about the movies that were filmed and those that have more or less been made fun of by those in the region. IMG_3723

We finally stopped at a side spot with sweeping views of rolling hills all around us.  We got out to stretch our legs take pictures before hopping back in for our last stop in the Wicklow Mountains to Glendalough.  There is a ruin church, cemetery, and inn with a restaurant, trails, a stand for coffee and baked goods and my absolute favorite was the sheepherding demonstrations. IMG_3754

We spent a good two hours here exploring, taking pictures and then at the end watching the demonstrations.

I am not sure how to convey how much I adored, loved being up in the mountains in Ireland.  How just a bit overcast it was, sprinkling and it was the perfect temperature all day.  How giddy and excited I was to be there.  How many new ideas kept coming to me for adventures to hike, camp and bike all over Irelands mountains.

These posts have mostly been going off of memory. For someone who is an avid journal writer I did not do very well with writing everything down while I was there.  Sometimes I would even get annoyed with Kelsey spending too much time in one place so she could get pictures and a good shot for her.  I just wanted to keep going trying to see everything I could in such a short period of time.  She did at one point tell me that I would be very happy that she took the extra time to get the shots….

And yes, Kelsey I am very happy that you did that :).

And now we will end with all the pictures…..

with love,



IMG_3801wicklow wallsIMG_3802wicklow gap jessIMG_37817B624DAE-4354-4A7C-B10E-02AA7F137E8A


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3 thoughts on “Wicklow Mountains Tour

  1. Kilkenny looks like a fantastic place to explore and photograph, can’t believe I never managed to visit while living in Dublin. I’m glad to hear you had a great time on tour. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 😀 Aiva

    • Aiva,
      I was trying to hold back on how many pictures I posted onto this post. It was extremely difficult. I found that Ireland itself is photographic. I hope one day you can get back to Ireland and visit Kilkenny.

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