Slane Castle Whisky Tour

Day 5 of Girls Trip- Slane Castle Whiskey Tour

Tour was through

Our fifth day in Ireland was our last full day with a full day tour from Dublin that took us into Co Meath, Ireland. This tour took us to Trim Castle, the Bective Abby, Hill of Tara and lastly to Slane Castle for our whiskey tour and the tour of the castle itself.

The tour group was much smaller from the other two that we had done. We were picked up right outside our hostel and drove around in a private company van. I believe there was just three of us on this tour plus the tour guide who was also the driver.

Our first stop was in Trim, Co Meath to tour Trim Castle. Trim Castle for you movie buffs was used in a couple scenes in Braveheart. The town has a lot of Braveheart memorabilia in the cafes and shop. After our through 30 minute tour of the inside of the castle we were able to go grab coffee and a scone.

Side note, not sure if I have already said this or not….scones in Ireland taste so much better.

Trim Castle

We learned about the fortification of the castle, that it was built by Hugh de Lacey in the 12th century and took 30th years to build the fortress. The living quarters in one of the towers was pretty small. The castle it self was built to keep outsiders out. It was a wall, a moat and ditch and if people still somehow got in they had defensives from the inside as well to keep invaders out as well. If I remember correctly later through the years with the expansions there was another area off site for the living quarters.

Our next stop was to the Bective Abby. A monastery built and used in the mid 1100s till the mid 1500’s. We spent about 15 minutes or so taking pictures and exploring and mostly using our imaginations of what it would fully look like when it was fully intact and in use.

Our third stop was at the heritage site of Hill of Tara. An ancient neolithic site. It is also here where the High Kings of Ireland were inducted and chosen at the center of the site where the Stone of Destiny sits. The hill is also a burial site and where many other Celtic ceremonies would take place. There also sits a statue of St. Patrick the Saint of Ireland who converted everyone to Christianity and took the hill from the Celtic people.

We spent the least amount of time here at the Hill of Tara and I wish we would have had far more time to explore and learn more of this neolithic site. So much of the beginnings of the Irish history starts at this site.

Our last stop for the day was to Slane Castle. Slane Castle now has a whiskey distillery and hosts a music festival in the summer time as well. Kelsey and I both come from a background of knowing the basics of brewing beer. This was fun with getting to learn the difference and similarities with the brewing methods. The distillery is in the old horse carriage house which gives it a comfortable and rustic feel to it. At the end of the tour the group sat around a table and had a taste sample of their triple caste whiskey.

We then went up to the main house and took a tour and learned about the family.

Going through pictures Kelsey and I both have less pictures we took on this tour than the other two tours we were on. Each stop we went to we had less time than what we should have had to explore and to take our pictures. We felt rushed all day so we could make it on time for our specific time for the whisky tour. By the time we had made it to Slane Castle my battery life on my phone was dwindling as well which kept me from taking as many as I would have liked.

A part of me was also stressed and distracted with it being our last day and worried about not making it back the next day home. Having a specific time line and trying to fly as a non-rev can be a little more difficult.

The next post will be on the experience we had with getting back to the states.

With love,


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7 thoughts on “Slane Castle Whisky Tour

  1. I’ve never been inside Slane Castle but we were fortunate enough to attend many concerts that took place at the castle. We’ve seen the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Counting Crows, Foo Fighters and many more! I’m glad you had a fantastic last day in Ireland. Thanks for sharing and have a good day. Fortunately, it’s raining in Sligo and we are stuck inside. Aiva

    • That’s too bad you haven’t been in. I wish I would have taken more pictures of all the rooms. That would be so much fun to go to a concert there. Did you ever do the whiskey tour?
      Also, please send rain here.
      … and thank you for your thoughtful comments on the blog.

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