The Death Trail

Not sure when gelato is ever not an acceptable thing to partake after sliding your ass down the side of a mountain. If there ever was a time certainly today was. I sat there on the stoop of the stores on 9&9th with a medium gelato, a freakin cold water and a lemonade. Grateful for having finally gotten off Mt. Wire trail and back to the bustling city.

My palms are still burnt from the trail, gripping onto solid stones as my ass was planted firmly on the dirt and my heels dug in as much as they could bracing myself as I slid part of my way down till I could finally muster my legs, arms and torso up and then scrambled back to the top where I had come from before it had turned into a vertical trail and searching for the right trail to get be back down to the Bonneville trail, back to the bike and out of the blazing sun.

this is where I sat and contemplated whether or not I’d make it down.

It hadn’t started out all bad but sitting there at one point I really did wonder how I was going to get out of this mess. How was I going to find my way down? I knew I had to get down at some point, this was not the way I was going to go and my embarrassment of needing to call for help…though I had started really thinking about how I was going to go about calling for help to get off that freak of a trail. I was somehow going to manage getting my way out of the situation I had put myself in.

So logically I texted my best friend all the way back east to let her know that I was stuck and I didn’t know what to do. I kept looking at every possible footing and each one scarred me that and my legs had a hard time standing.

She was the one to tell me to slid on butt with heels dug in and to also just climb back up if I couldn’t get down.

I finally did manage to climb back up and to find another trail that seemed to be better.

The new trail I found was still steep towards the very end and I had to get back on my butt and heels and slide a bit down. I did finally manage to get myself down. Now that I think of it it was probably an animal trail though I had seen human footsteps. So I am not the only one who has gotten themselves lost trying to find their way back down.

The beginning of the trail and hike itself wasn’t bad at all. It was steep but hiking up a mountain is going to be steep at parts and sometimes you want that for a good ol’ workout. It’s been overly hot this week with temps up in the 100’s but as I hiked there was a nice breeze coming through the canyon and a good portion of it had shade which was a delight when I came upon that.

Pretty much as I was hiking up the trail every time I was needing to stop and take a minute I would come along a nice shaded area. Up at the first ridge were views on all sides and I was able to rest for a bit until a fly decided he was going to keep pestering me until I got back up and started moving again.

Anyone else ever notice that while you are hiking its always the big flys that are constantly badgering you. The bees and all the other flying things will leave you alone but no, not the fly.

I took my time on the trail stopping when I found a tree, a nice rock to sit on and a great view of the Salt Lake Valley. It was nice to be able to sit with the quiet and the view there until I was ready to keep climbing to the top of Mt. Wire.

On google maps it shows the trail as being a full loop trail that you can do if you so desire. Which was what I had been planning on doing. I had brought enough water, sunblock and some snacks what I hadn’t realized was that it was a full fledge loop trail.

Once I got home and I brought up and looked the trail up- it says that it is an out and back trail.

Yeah…have yourself a good laugh at that one. Cause I did.

While I was up on top of Mt. Wire there was a very distinct trail and so I had followed it along with bringing up the google maps to make sure I was on the correct trail the whole time.

A few things that I have observed while hiking around the Salt Lake area:

Trails are not always fully defined with good trail signage to keep you on the proper trail and to not get lost on an off trail. There are a lot of those.

Also, Switchbacks are wonderful. Who every has been designing the trails and keeping them up here, please! I am begging you, Switchbacks are a wonderful, wonderful thing.

Anyways, I am home and grateful to be so.

Also, don’t tell my mom.

Sorry mom.

Thank you Kelsey, also sorry if I worried you.

With love,


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