Arctic Storm Clean-up

I didn’t get home until last night after the storm had raged through Utah. Landing was an interesting experience. As we were in the final approach with wheel down we aborted the landing we made it with the next go around. I think I am learning it’s better to go head into the storm rather than having it chase you from behind. Always know what you are coming up against then what is behind you.

We can take that however we’d like to take that or how we’d like that to mean.

When I woke up this morning large branches, leaves, and trees were down in the neighborhood. Most of the neighbors had gotten to the fallen trees in their yards. Austen and I got out to the yard nearing noon and took us the afternoon the clear the branches and leaves out of the back and front yards. Austen climbed up the front tree to cut down the larger branches that had split in the wind. I mostly helped by spotting and clearing out the branches that fell.

Our neighborhood had power last night and into today I know most of the Wasatch front has been without power due to power lines being down. Schools were closed but what else is new on that front.

The Arctic Storm brought in much cooler temps and so its been nice being bundled in my wool socks, blankets and a nice warm mug of tea.

hope everyone else has had a fun day here in Utah with clearing out their yards and fixing fences.


with love,


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