September 11th

I’ll try not to take too long to write this tonight or to ramble too much. I have to wake up the latest by 4:30 am in the morning and I am currently sitting in bed in my hotel room in F***ing Nebraska. Really Nebraska isn’t so bad as long as you are not driving through it….Though flying feels just as long as the drive.

Anyways, the day is closing on another anniversary of Sept. 11th. Really I’m not sure we should be saying anniversary there really isn’t anything to celebrate. We remember, we are somber, we are sad for those of us who are old enough to remember the events but it’s not really what we would think of as an anniversary is it….

I was 13 and in 8th grade when the terrible events happened. Home from school just after going to the doctors for scans for my sprained wrist and ankle from a volleyball match the night before. I don’t remember much from 7th grade but I remember that day. Still clearly as so many others do, those who where impacted by it far more than myself.

I remember crying a lot and being in disbelief that people could do such a thing like that.

The world became smaller that day.

At 13 I didn’t know all the years of recent history and longer that had gone into it. Sometimes it’s still hard to wrap my head and heart around and everything that happened after.

What I do know is the sadness I felt for those in the midst, in the middle of it all. For the families who lost somebody, on the planes, in the towers, and at the Pentagon and those who rushed in to help but never came back out.

At 13 I had wanted to see the world, I wanted to understand people, I wanted to know what other kids my age learned, where they lived, what their lives looked like. I wanted to know what our similarities where and what our differences where.

I couldn’t understand how people could hurt so many people.

At 33 I still don’t understand how other people can waste their one life away by hurting, killing other people for a statement, for their own personal justice.

This is why we remember, we remember those who lost their lives on a normal September day. They went to work, they got on a flight, they were walking along a street, they were going to day care. They were living their lives.

We remember because they had One Life- We have One Life.

We get only one shot at life to live, to share on this earth together.

So I travel and I try to find the common thread that we all share.

This Life

With love,


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