The Folk Market- Houston

Over the weekend I had a work trip that took me into Houston where I was able to spend a good 17 hours there for an overnight. We got in fairly early and thankfully be able to take a little nap before I headed out to explore a little bit of Houston.

I have had quite a few overnights in Houston but I had never actually left the hotel except once when I met up with a friend and we went to a restaurant that was close by.

Uber and Lyft can get a bit pricey especially when its just yourself going out to explore and when you are a bit farther from the city center. I ended up downloading both the Houston Metro Apps so I could navigate the busing system and to also pay for my bus fare as well. There is a bus stop that is directly from my hotel and I took it to the closet stop to the Houston Downtown Aquarium.

With the time that we got into Houston I had missed most of the Saturday Morning Markets but I was able to find the Second Saturday Arts Market that takes place at Sawyer Yards. It started at 5 p.m so I left early so that I could walk there from my bus stop and to also stop at a couple other places as well.

I ended up going to the Aquarium which may have been a mistake on my part to be honest with you. It was overly crowded and for the price I paid I didn’t feel like I could really fully look around with how over crowded it was. The aquarium wasn’t really what I was expecting it to be. I actually really like going to aquariums I think they are a great way to learn about aquatic life and done right you can learn about the local water ways. This aquarium was more like a sized down theme park.

For Houston being right at the coast of the Gulf Coast I suppose I was expecting it to be more about the coast what you would find and about the bayou as well.

I will leave the aquarium and my disappointments behind now and we will now head to Platypus Brewery where I consoled myself with dinner and a couple beers.

I sat outside at a picnic table with a nice large umbrella with a cloud cover and a nice breeze to help cool down the 90 degree weather and the 80 percent humidity that was happening that day.

I had their pineapple jalapeño Sour it was good but it did catch me off guard with the jalapeño only because I hadn’t read it fully when I was picking it out. My second beer I had the blackberry IPA and I rather enjoyed that one a lot more. I then had a Brussel Sprout dish that was really good.

After I was done eating I then headed up to the Sawyer Yards for the 2nd Saturday Art Market which was my main reason for heading into the city.

I first went into the building to walk around and look at all the artist work. This was the first time in what feels like forever since I have been out to any sort of art space. I really enjoyed seeing what people where creating and sharing with the rest of us. One day I will save up enough and have a space for an authentic painting.

At the back of the building near the second building they have the vendors with local merchants. I got myself a yummy popsicle and then checked out what the vendors had. I got some treats and gifts for friends.

There was the Migaloo Chocolatier,

Houston Winery,

Trishnna Tea

and Java Pura Coffee Roasters.

Everyone so far has enjoyed their treats and it was nice to be able to buy from local craft merchants in the area and a fun way to spend the day as well.

My bus fare was 3 dollars for the full day so way less than just taking an Uber or Lyft and it left me some money to actually spend around town.

With love,


2 thoughts on “The Folk Market- Houston

  1. I’m glad you had a great time exploring Houston. It’s been a very long time since I’ve been to an art gallery or a museum, and I really miss seeing art! Hopefully I can visit some next year! Thanks for sharing and have a good day 😀 Aiva

    • It was really nice being able to get out to an Art Market. Art Museums and Galleries and Art Strolls are some of my favorite things to do. Some States are opening up around and so I am starting to slowly see the museums open up. I know its not at all the same but have you gone online to any of the larger museums to see their installations online. That has been kinda fun though not at all the same as actually visiting a museum . I hope the museums and galleries open up for you by next year as well. Hope you have a wonderful day! Jess

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