Bike Ride and Peach Ice Cream

I took the FrontRunner down to Lehi. The Lehi station is right at Thanksgiving point and I was able to get onto a bike path to take me up to Alpine, Utah. There has been an orchard I have been wanting to get to for their peach ice cream.

I have been craving it for weeks when I found the orchard online while looking up orchards in Utah and their instagram mentioned peach ice cream.

I had the day off and not a whole lot that I needed to do today so I decided to take the excursion.

From the station there is a bike path right along the road on Thanksgiving Point that takes you to Lehi Rail Trail From Lehi Rail Trail I then got on Murdock Canal Trail. The connector between Lehi and Murdock isn’t really there right now due to construction so you have to connect taking Triumph Blvd.

Once on Murdock you stay on that trail and keep along highway 92. The trail does end eventually but there is a good amount of side road to stay off the side walks. Though it is a very busy road so pay attention and if you feel uncomfortable stick to the sidewalks.

Eventually you will turn left onto 5300 W that turns into Main Street in Alpine.

After getting my ice cream-which you can pay when you get there using Venmo. I sat and enjoyed the scenery with my peach ice cream. Asked about the U-pick apple times and am already planning when I will be going back for that. I got back on Main Street and took a ride through Alpine towards the canyon to get a good look at the changing colors on the trees.

Alpine is colored right now and so many apple and peach trees in the area. I also saw goats and llamas out on my ride. I eventually turned back around and got back on the bike trail. Instead of heading straight back to the Front Runner I decided to ride a bit more along the Murdock Canal Trail. I took it all the way over in the Highland Glen Park. Once I got past the Park the sun was getting a little too close to going behind the mountains to the west so I called it good and hauled it back to the train station before it got dark.

I actually really enjoy riding at night but I hadn’t brought the bike light with me needing to charge it and riding in unfamiliar territory isn’t enjoyable.

I am looking forward to autumn. A good change in pace, softer colors and just cooler temperatures and I really hope some good fall storms to blow the smoke and the fires out of California, Oregon and Washington and really just the west itself.

with love,


2 thoughts on “Bike Ride and Peach Ice Cream

  1. Riding a bike is always a fantastic adventure, especially if there’s ice-cream involved. I love autumn and can’t wait for seasons to change and to dig out the warm, cosy jumpers! Thanks for sharing and have a good day 😀 Aiva

    • I think everyone is ready for a seasonal change just for something new and different with everything that has been happening. I have already had to use some of my lighter sweaters for the higher mountain regions that I fly into here in the states. It was pure bliss. And I ride for those ice cream treats. I hope that next autumn I will be able to be back in Ireland again. I really enjoyed fall in Ireland. Hope you all are having a fun day. Jess

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