Let Autumn Begin

Please don’t tell the other flight attendants but I had a real weekend like all the other humans out there which meant I was able to actually hang out with my roommates.

There have been a lot of treats involved and a good amount of bike riding going on as well.

I went back for the second time in a week, next day really to Beaumont Bakery in Millcreek. There is a reason for the double dip and it was all worth it. The treats were later downed after finally finding Pumpkin Ale and watching Sleepy Hollow.

Saturday afternoon all four of us made it over to Alpine, Utah so we could pick Apple at Burgess Orchard- This was also my second time in a week. U-Pick was sadly closed because people want to get married so we bought the already picked apples and then we all got the Fresh Peach Ice Cream and Apple Cider Slush and sat on the side and consoled ourselves with the creamy deliciousness.

I have been doing nothing but planning out all of the scrumptious apple things to make.

Yesterday I made squash soup from the garden and then used the apples as well for the sweetness

and finally today I got around to making Apple Scones. I have been wanting fresh homemade Apple Scones for weeks now and how glorious it’d be to sit in the backyard with a fresh cup of coffee and the scone for breakfast.

I biked a lot as well this weekend. The cooler tempatures have made it especially wonderful to bike and to bike longer and to feel like you’re not going to collapse on the side of the road.

I have been adventuring out on longer rides since it has been so nice and though my legs have been hurting it hasn’t felt nearly as difficult as a few weeks ago. I finally let myself believe that I am a decent rider.

Saturday morning was beautiful with cloudy, rainy cool temps and that was when I decided to do a good 34 miler before going and picking apples because why not. It was definitely that fall is here in Utah. Look up with the clouds wrapped around the tops of the mountains, look at all the oranges, reds and yellows.

All of this to say,

Fall my friends is here in all her blessed relief.

With love,


2 thoughts on “Let Autumn Begin

  1. Hi, Jessica and Happy Fall to you. Freshly baked apple scones sound delicious and so does the squash soup. I love this time of the year and can’t wait to go to my local Farmers market that’s overflowing with fresh produce. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 😀 Aiva

    • Thank you Aiva. Did you get to the farmers Market. I haven’t been able to go to mine since I have been working the last couple of weekends. I am kinda excited about fall this year. Not really sure but totally going with it. -Jess

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