Colonial Williamsburg

We got to Williamsburg last Monday evening unpacked the car then settled in for the night. The day Kelsey and I had talked about going to Williamsburg for October I went ahead and booked an Airbnb for us so that way it would be done and we wouldn’t have to stress about that part. I figured what ever days that got filled with work I would use my vacation time for it if needed.

Our Airbnb was at a Wyndham Patriot Place. It was two suites attached. Side note we really liked this as the bigger unit we used as the main living area for cooking and eating and where Kelsey and I were able to chit chat and watch our movies while the girls got to be in the other living room and watch their movies and have snacks.

We settled in made dinner and then we were all able to relax and play and watch some halloween classics to get into the spirit for Autumn and the season.

We bought our tickets online off of and then picked up our tickets inside of the Visitor’s Center. From there you are bussed over to the colonial village.

We got off at the first stop at Governors Palace and let the girls run around in the gardens and took pictures. We had thought about taking the tour inside of the Manor but there was a huge line for it and we weren’t sure if the girls would be able to handle it.

As we walked from the Governors Palace onto the main street of Duke of Gloucester St a couple of carriages passed by and the girls where so excited to see the horses as they trotted by.

We walked down Gloucester towards The Capitol Building and along the way we stopped into the Public Armory where we where able to see someone baking bread, a blacksmith and the Wheelwright.

The Wheelwright I thought was very informative to watch and to listen as they explained what they were doing and how long it takes to build something by hand. Something else that was fun to learn was the fact they everyone there is an apprentice and they are really there to build and to keep the craft alive and to keep the carriages, wheelbarrow and the tools fixed and made right there.

We took a tour of the Capitol learning how everyone was governed and took place and then changing as Independence was gained and the changes into a country then were taking place in Williamsburg and within Virginia in the 1770’s.

We got to take a walk through the Colonial Gardens. We could see what our colonial ancestors used in their gardens to help keep animals out and to help keep frost at bay.

As we creeped into the evening hours we headed over into Merchant Square which is the modern part of town with restaurants and shops. We were able to get a little treat of chocolate truffles and take a look at the university and public book shop.

That first day was really nice weather wise. It we had cooler temperatures with a cloudy day. For a little bit during the afternoon it had warmed up but we layered for the day so we could stay comfortable and shed layers if we needed to.

Most of the day was Kelsey and I trying to locate Hot Apple Cider and we couldn’t find any. We did take a thermos with hot cocoa for us to share with lots of snacks for the girls and our lunch with us in the wagon. It made it nice if the girls got tired or needed a break from walking they could comfortably cozy up and take a nap if they wanted to. (They didn’t).

The park wasn’t over crowded with people but you had a mix of tourist and locals walking around and enjoying the day.

Many of the normal activities that I presume happen during normal times we were not able to partake in since they didn’t have those activities taking place. We still managed to have a good time while there and to learn something new. The girls did get bored at times since they didn’t have the activities that they would have had for children which I say is okay and is apart of growing up. Children aren’t always going to be interested in what you are interested in but doing outings and trips is good as it helps create family bonding and memories as well.

Not everything in life needs to be rollercoaster excitement.

…… And now pictures

with love,


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