Historic Jamestown

It has now been a week since my visit to Williamsburg and Jamestown and I am now back in Utah. Autumn has finally arrived here the leaves have changed and are falling in the valley and we are expecting snow by this weekend. I am also wrapped up in my wool blanket, a sweater and my wool socks with coffee right by my side.

The day that the girls and I went to Jamestown it turned out to be a sunny warm fall day. We had layered up not really sure if it would warm up to the 70’s that the weather app was saying or if it would stay somewhere in the low 60’s.

By the time we got there tights and boots came off and we were back in our sandals for the day as we walked around the ruins of Jamestown and learned about those first few years of the settlements of the English.

We took an Archeological tour in the afternoon done by an archeologist who works for the Prevention of Virginia. The tour is done by a different archeologist so the content will be different depending on their specialities and their interest.

A few things that I learned….

  • The tower of the church was the only building left from the 1607 fort. For years those interested believed the fort and town had succumbed to the rise of the James River until the early 1990’s when they found evidence.
  • Cannibalism took place in the fort they presume happened during the winter of 1609-1610. When there was a food shortage and tensions arose between the colonists and the Powhatan tribe due to a drought and a war that was happening with the Powhatans and other tribes near by.
  • The first English landed on land that was originally hunting ground for the Powhatans who knew that the land was not meant for living on due to bad ground water which caused harsh living conditions for the first English settlers.

The tour took about an hour and I am glad I got to do that and learn a little more that what we were taught in school. There is only so much that school can teach children and at different age groups before it’s time to go to the next thing. To me I find that school is your introductory to a subject and subjects its up to us individually to keep learning and educating ourselves and digging farther into subjects. There are so many resources for us to take advantage of especially now with the internet.

One thing we need to remember is that people take a whole decade to specialize in their fields how can you achieve that in one year with 10 to 12 year olds?

After the tour we walked around the Jamestown old village ruins. Reading the signs and taking pictures. At this part of our field trip Aspen ended up losing one of her front teeth that had been loose for awhile. She was so excited about her tooth it gave her a lot to talk about and get excited about the tooth fairy when she got back home.

We then went to the Glasshouse and learned how the settlers blew glass and this was very fascinating to me and enjoyed watching as they demonstrated for us and explained what they were doing and what all goes into making glass.

After glasshouse we headed over to the Billsbury Brewery for a pint before heading back to Williamsburg for some yummy truffles.

Historic Jamestown is co-shared with the National Parks System and Preservation Virginia. From the link you can go and buy your day tickets.

With love,


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