Finn- The Christmas Tree

Last week the roommates and I had agreed that after Thanksgiving and once I had gotten back from my work trip that it would be time to pick out our house Christmas tree.

I tried talking the household into going out to the National Forest and cutting our Christmas tree. Its only a $10 permit and I have never done such a thing but it was a no go this year. That is okay, We ended up finding a nice Christmas Tree lot in Millcreek. It’s a family owned lot that has been going since the early 50’s, I have a nostalgic heart.

Austen got home from work then Victoria and I grabbed our coats and masks and out the door we went. We got to the lot and and as soon as we all stepped out of the car we all took in a deep breath from the tree lot. We walked around the lot smelling the trees, possibly hugging a few of them as we eventually tried to narrow down between two trees. There was the Chubby boy that we all really liked and then we came along the black spruce.

We talked to one of the tree guru guys at the lot about pricing and how to care for each of them then we walked back between each one to figure out which one would be better with handling the decorations.

We ended up taking home the Black Spruce. We got him inside and at his new designated place and got him some water and strung up the lights. As we got him situated and dressed with the lights we started thinking of a name for him.

He is hereby named Finn.

It was really the first name that popped in my head and its stuck.

Its beginning to look a little like Christmas around here.

With love,


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