A little on a Friday Night

Its far too late right now and I have been up for far too long today and I am excited about tomorrow even if I have to wake up early….really the same time I wake up anyways.

I don’t sleep in anymore.

I got to the airport before the sun was up and normal human beings were even awake and went straight for Starbucks because who else would be open at 430 am. I got on my flight and fell asleep quickly and then awoke before even realizing that there was snow falling all around in Denver.

I feel the same way that Lorelai Gilmore feels with the first big snow fall. Something good has to be bound to happen.

That first snowfall is like magic and I really want to believe in the magic and its December so why not even if nothing Big happens but just go with that whimsical feeling for a moment. For as long as you can stop and watch the snow fall and the planes out on the runway.

I got on my next flight and I fell asleep once again and then when I woke I had a seat mate who I chatted with. I learned about his job and might just be a little passionate about it. Something that he is able to provide for his family and gives him a sense of accomplishment. We talked about those losses, losing jobs and then getting back up and finding another way to make it work and then getting to where you are. We talked about music, his children, my work and slightly how strange it has been to talk to strangers these days.

I find that it comes a little harder for me to get out of my own little bumble that I have created for myself. I have kept to myself far more in the last couple of years and this year…it’s just been far easier to do that.

We are all just trying to hold on to what we have.

with love,


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