Better with Sugar Cookies

The plan was to dress up as Stevie Nicks, Amber would have her keyboard and we would dance to Stevie Nicks while we got professional pictures done. For months this had been planned, outfits had been chosen and ordered and schedules worked out.

It had been planned since the summer.

Instead the photographer got food poisoning.

We went back to sleep, slept for the morning then woke and eventually consoled ourselves with making sugar cookies with Henry.

life doesn’t always work out. The plans we make and then carry out don’t always go they way we had planned and prepared for.

What we do have though is Sugar Cookies.

Sugar Cookies make everything better.

We then exchanged our Christmas gifts. The day wasn’t all a bust.

I got Henry’s gift for the Seattle Airport. There is a really fun vintage style airline store…It’s all about the old glam of flying. A lot of fun Pan Am stuff in there.

Anyways, I found this really fun and cute block airplane that comes with a block pilot, passengers and their bags.

I was pretty excited about gifting this one too him and he seemed pretty excited to be playing with it. I’d say it was a big hit.

Christmas is just around the corner now. Have we baked the cookies, decked the halls and wrapped the gifts?

With love,


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