Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas

I got put on put on a trip out of base two days before Christmas. I went grocery shopping the day before the trip and then cooked and baked to take a little Christmas with me. I made a Mushroom Wellington packed all of the vegetables I could and to top it off I made fudge to bring with.

It has been a long time since I have had a really good Christmas and this one is at the top of being memorable to me. It helps when you bring food for Christmas to bribe the crew into sharing a little bit of the day with you.

Christmas Eve I finally got to see Mt. Rushmore in the dark with all the stars and a few others who decided to brave the cold and dark to visit a landmark. The evening then ended in an Indian Bistro over curry, Indian Beer and discussions over the Mandalorian.

Christmas Morning we woke up early not to rush for presents but to the airport with passengers greeting us. We flew into Missoula early enough in the day to where I was able to take a good crisp Christmas Hike.

I hiked along the trail to the M. Christmas greetings to the local hikers. Looking out on the town of Missoula and the surrounding mountains with all the trails along them.

I walked back to the hotel to heat up the food get the wine and gather with the crew as we sat over dinner with stories and laughs to share. We finished the night off watching Home Alone and then for the finisher watching Wonder Women 1984.

This Christmas was rather special to me. I have been trying to pin point why it felt so special, different. The only thing I could think of was that this was the first time where I wasn’t longing for something I didn’t have. I wasn’t longing for a past Christmas or time in my life and I wasn’t longing for some future Christmas. I made it was it was with the coworkers I was with. It has taken time and practice to get to this point and that I think is a Christmas Miracle.

I hope you all had yourselves a Merry Little Christmas,

with love,


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