Winter Circuit Ride

Well 2021 Winter Hygge is under way

  • Popcorn (check)
  • Hotcocoa (checke)
  • fireplace with burning log (check)
  • blankets ( check)
  • pillows (check)
  • a good book (check)

I can confidently say I have all the things here to last through a western winter once more.

I took my first bike ride of the year today. The sun was shinning, high of 30’s seems good to me. I layered up and set Spotify to some Justine Timberlake tunes and off I went. I rode one of my typical circuits that I had been working on all summer long. I take 600 over to Liberty Park then to Sugar House, I then start the zig zagging climb up to Millcreek where I then ride along Wasatch blvd.

Wasatch Blvd used to intimidate, like several other circuits did. I knew that it was all in my head like so many other things we work ourselves up into thinking they are so much bigger until we work through it and eventually do it. Whether it be just doing something small to work towards or getting better gear.

I was determined to not let myself hinder myself over the summer when it came to my bike goals. My goals had nothing to do with miles but biking up Millcreek Canyon, Emigration Canyon and riding Wasatch Blvd, and ride from Ogden to Salt Lake. I was also able to add a few other rides as well as I went and succeeded these and as I started wanting to expand out.

Summer ’19 and the start of summer ’20 I would get in my head about how out of shape I was, I didn’t have my biking legs, and how intimidated I would get with the hills and mountains to climb around me when not so long ago I would have done it without overthinking it. If I wanted to ride up that summit I would just climb it right on Coral and forget all those who might advise against it.

It helps to do things like that when you have a bit of push behind you to full your adrenaline. The last two summers I didn’t have those things. I had myself and the reasons of why I choose to ride not because of a relationship, not because I am trying to get him to notice me and the feats I make. Instead this time it was just me with my own little celebrations.

I still plan to ride when I can this winter, weather permitting of course. I think it’ll be safe to say that this spring and summer will be another good season to push myself on the bike. Maybe a little farther, maybe a few nights under the stars.

To all those little and big celebrations and milestones.

Happy New Year!

with love,


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