Sledding in SLC

I gone over to Sugarhouse last week and there had been some snow that finally graced us here in Utah and as I drove past in the Lyft I quickly texted the roommates that there were children sledding and then as the driver was pulling into Barnes & Noble I saw two women with sleds and in snow gear heading to the park. I then texted them this and told them that ‘that could be us’. They laughed and then said we didn’t have sleds and then asked, “Jess do you mean now?”

I did! The snow has been rather fleeting around here and I didn’t want to miss out on all the winter fun that could be had. Thought it could be for last week. They each had things to do and I had books to buy that and we had no sled.

When I flew in yesterday I was so excited to see the snow that was greeting me from the plane. I thought of all the fun snow filled things to be doing. The Lyft driver did not share the same enthusiasm as I did. Dude, it’s not supposed to be 70 degrees all year long here. This is extreme weather country here or at least supposed to be. Not only do I enjoy the snow but we also need the snow so why not celebrate it by going sledding.

When we were all at home A suggested we get some sleds and try for sledding today. When she got home from work we did just that. Though we couldn’t find sleds at any of the stores but somehow you can buy floating tubes at Target since summer is here?

It’s February why is there a need for bathing suits and pool stuff?

We blew up the makeshift sleds and did about three rounds before the tubes decided to give up on us. By the last round we were both pretty much just sledding on our bums.

It’s been years since I have been sledding and I have to say, Why did it take so long?

With love,


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