Meal Prep Times

This is an update on my last meal prep post. As a flight crew at some point in our career it becomes important to really start focusing on our foods while we are out at work. For myself typical work trips are 4 days away from home, away from base. That is for days worth of food and drinks that you either bring with your or you get at the airport or at a restaurant near the hotel and if your real lucky perhaps a grocery store. That is a lot of money being spent if you are not bringing your meals with you from home.

My first run of casserole dishes and the muffins did really well and held up beautifully in the freezer. I ended up being able to use those meals for three trips and rotating the meals out depending on where I was going and the times we would be getting in to my overnights.

My goals for this is one to have more healthy meals that I am able to control more of my portion sizes and dietary needs. I have been seeing better results with lessoning of inflammation which then causes a flare in eczema.

My second goal has been with saving money rather than spending my paycheck before the next one is in my account. This has been a fun one to critique. I have already started seeing results for this and I have started finding more ways in my meal prepping to help curve this.

One of the biggest expenses and guilty pleasures I have is the latte. I don’t just buy coffee no I have to go for that Almond Milk Latte with Hazelnut. Thats not always just once a day sometimes it has been every turn. It adds up. I may have an issue.

But no worries I ended up looking at travel coffee makers and ended up getting a coffee AeroPress. I am still working out the kinks on this so I have been going back to drinking more tea and having one coffee in the morning at the hotel with once a trip getting a latte.

My Pinterest Meal Board has had a lot of activity on it in the last month. It has been fun finding new to me food blogs and recipes that are healthy and able to travel well.

I have also noticed that with meal prepping the way that I do I am not having to go to the grocery store nearly as often as I did before. As much as I love going to the grocery store to me the last year has been far for stress inducing than fun. I like limiting my stress as much as possible.

Let me know on your favorite travel maker.

What are some of your tricks for meal prepping while traveling?

Have any questions when it comes to being a flight crew? Drop those in the comments.

With love,


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