Switch flip 

 I’ve been waiting along time 

Of wondering eyes across the hall 

Colliding without touching 

Somewhere in this expanse 

Down the galley 

Down the hall 

Down the taxi way 

A switch flip 

In the unknown 

You’ll be known 

Do you feel it now…


Searching the abyss 

Wondering in this fog 

I once new you 

You held my hand as if knowing where we were going 

You let go 

And so I stood waiting once again for you 

Lost in the fog, lost in the chaos 

And I return again searching 

Holding out my hand 

Calling out your name 

So I wait

Missed the boat 

Missed the flight 

What’s that old saying? 

5 minutes too late 

The gate is closed 

You should have ran 

You should have been 

But it’s a little too late

The gate has closed 

The plane has left 

Time heals all wounds 

-Jessica Raye

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