Meal Preps, books and etc…

I notice that it has been a little bit since my last post in which they have pretty much been about my meal prepping. This winter has been busy with work and so that is just where my mind is at most of the time and where I spend most of my off days attending to. In all of your luck I have more updates with those meal prep posts as well. I am sure you are all just holding on to those seats of yours. Just wondering about what a flight attendant eats while they are working. Coffee mostly, just put a line right in my arm and we shall be set. I have been getting better about my of my coffee intake. Sometimes its just so hard, you want something warm to drink and caffeine to help you get you through 3, 4 flights a day with screaming adults and restless children. Some days I wonder how I am not an alcoholic just trying to cope with the daily dose of society. So out of all the vices out there I’d say coffee is the better one. It’s the safest and least destructive one, I’ve tried a few.

I’ve been MIA from the major social sites. I started back in January wanting to get a head start before Ash Wednesday began. I had deleted the Facebook app way back last year and it was great for a few months with not getting on it all the time. I still had instagram but realized I was getting back on Facebook and mindlessly scrolling as well. So I finally deleted instagram app and then not getting on Facebook. I am giving myself until Easter to determine if I want to fully go back on social media or if I want to scrap it all and be fully done with it.

I have been reading an extra amount of books. Or at least 2020 I was able to get through a lot more books. I am still reading a a good amount just heavier books that take a little more time. I’ll be making a list of books that I have been reading and putting them up here.

I had started a workout challenge that goes for two weeks. I am going to have to go back and restart that. I might have taken 4 days off from working out. But this is what happens when you just don’t want to wake up at 4:30 am to do 30 minutes of cardio and ab workouts and then you don’t get back to your hotel until 7:30 and you’re wondering already if you should eat or just go to bed. Some work trips work really well to work out and you can knock it out and keep it going while at home and then there are times when it just doesn’t. I try really hard not to beat myself up over it. On those days that I am not able to exercise I try to be extra mindful about what I am eating and when.

I have been focusing a lot on meal prepping, reading and working out this past year to help cope with the fact that we’re all not able to travel. I do travel for my job and thankfully I have had that but its not the same. It is still work and spending your money on every single place you go to for work just defeats the purpose of having a job. We are also not always somewhere for very long either. I see a lot more jet bridges, inside of a plane and hotel walls as my nieces like to tell people I live at the airport and sleep on planes. I don’t by the way sleep on planes. That would be a quick way to lose my job. Some days it gets really hard to justify working for an airline when I’m not able to hop of a flight and just go anywhere I want to on my days off. Those quick trips help to recenter yourself to handle the public. For myself I could take those international flights and then watch how the other flight attendants gave service, how they handled passengers and then go explore somewhere new and then be able to take what I watched and implement it myself. What I have noticed when I go to long with out going somewhere I lose focus, patience and understanding for the passengers that I am there to help and keep safe.

So I have had to come up with different ways to keep myself motivated and focused.

Or this blog would be consumed with all the horrible things people do on airplanes.

I try to keep it positive up in this place.

Anyways, this is all I’ve got for the day.

With love,


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