A day in the Sun

A couple trips ago (month ago) I was in Santa Barbara for a glorious 24 hours. The time was spent on bikes, with tacos, ice cream, the pier and feet in the sand.

The hotel that we stay at has bikes for use and I have to say all crew hotels should have bikes or I just need to some how bring a bike with me on all my work trips.

We rode the bikes down State Street, which was bike friendly and had bike lanes, to Ana’s Taco Bar. The captain had been talking about how great these tacos where and on the weekends they have slushy margaritas. Unfortunately we were not there on a weekend. That just meant we saved room for ice cream for later.

After lunch we rode down to the pier and along the bike path along the beach over to the Bird Refuge and then back to the beach. We stopped and got ice cream at McConnell’s before heading back to the hotel. There is just something about ending the day with ice cream after a beach day, you know what I mean….

In the morning I woke up a little early to get in a bike ride before it was time to start getting ready for work. I took State Street down then took Shoreline Dr to the Shoreline Park overlook. Took a little time at the overlook before heading back to the hotel and get back to working.

With California opening back up and myself getting more California over nights I have a few ideas for activities when I am in Santa Barbara next.

  • Old Mission Santa Barbara
  • Santa Barbara History Museum
  • Botanical Garden
  • hiking

Each overnight I get I am able to find out a little more of things to do and take things off my list. I may not spend a whole week somewhere but I am fortunate enough to be able to keep going back and finding a little bit more. Each trip leaves a different experience, a different outlook on a place.

That trip came at a good time. It had been cold and gloomy here in Utah and most of my trips had all been to places that were cold and gloomy. There is something about warm weather and sunshine to give a little pep and certainly some good ol’ Vitamin D.

Also I get compliments on this dress all the time it is an REI CO-OP dress. Its from a few seasons ago but my go to dress for all my work trips. Okay, this is pretty much what I wear between spring and fall and possibly winter with some tights and boots.

And I really only say this because I have had many a women who have told me, out their car windows how they love my dress in many cities.

A comparable CO-Op dress would be this one!

And yes, that is a fanny pack. or as I like to call it the pack of the fanny. It’s a Cotopaxi. I love this thing in my suitcase. It lives there. Don’t need to carry a purse, perfect for holding the essentials. I use this when I am riding around town at home as well.

With love,


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