Sixteen Hours in Kalispell, MT

Happy Friday to everyone!

I am sitting here in my hotel room currently after having a very delicious brunch in…..thinking of the city I am currently in….still thinking…..just checked google maps (Tulsa, by the way). Never ask a crew member where they are or going, we really don’t remember.

Besides that whole forgetting where I am. Currently hanging out before it’s time to start getting ready for work. Mostly wanting to just keep being curled up in this comfortable bed with this comforter wrapped around me.

I’m not all lazy I did get out yesterday and explored a State Park in Kalispell, Mt yesterday with my friend and coworker Shawnta.

We got in passed midnight had one hell of a time trying to find out where our shuttle was for the hotel until we gave up on that and just ordered an Uber driver. So finally crashed into our beds after 2 am.

Shawnta and I proposed to be up and to meet in the lobby by 10 to get going. We did make it by 10:30 and then walked over to Ceres Bakery for coffee before getting a Lyft to take us over to Lone Pine State Park.

The driver dropped us off at the pay entrance before the Visitor Center on Foys Lake Road, which would be the main park road. There are several other entrances you can get into the park that start at different trailheads. Starting from the top we were able to go to the Visitor Center and then work our way down the mountain and trails. For the time we had this was the easier and quickest route to take to still explore, get into nature and see sites.

From the Visitor Center we took the Memorial Loop for the lookout views. Did silly things like take lots of pictures and admired the views. Then we hiked down part of Lone Pine Trail till we turned and took a secondary trail that gave us a loop around the top of the mountain.

We took snacks and water with us while up there took a little break to enjoy those and then decide on our route back. The Park Ranger in the Visitor Center was really helpful in helping guide us with which routes to take see the park and get in some hiking and where it would be easier to either walk back into town or to grab a Lyft again.

We decided to take the Bearly There Trail to the Cliff Trail to the Valley View Trail to the bottom of the trailhead where we where able to then pick up a Lyft back to town. We had thought about just walking back to our hotel but we didn’t want to cut it too short with work. It would just be another Vancouver at that point and I promised I would do that to us again. We made it back to the hotel with about 10 minutes to make it down to our shuttle and that was with putting our uniforms and throwing everything into our suitcases. It happens.

We made it though with time to spare to get ice cream from Norm’s Soda Fountain. Which is the best way to end a hike.

This overnight was a little over 16 hours, So what are we doing next in Kalispell?

While in Kalispell in the summer make sure you take:


protein bars,

a hat,

trail map,

Mamalu Sunscreen

cash- for entrance fee

phone charger

Also who are you being a major goofball with while you work? Let me know in those comments.

With love,


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