Emigration with the roomie

So you know how some weeks you are just super active and just going going going well that is not the case this week, besides going going and going with work. Today has been a bit of a slow go. I am telling myself that I am okay with this and catching up on some blog posts for this place.

Last week I was pretty active and hitting the trails and going to the beach and taking a nice ride with my roommate which is what this post is going to be about.

Actually she and I were just talking about this about feeling guilty about not getting up early and taking advantage of the day. It’s some part of me that feels as if I am just missing out on all of the places, things and people. I have had this issue since I was a child. I hated going to bed as if I would just miss out on something and then never have another chance. Yet, we still need to rest and we need to sleep we need some downtime at home sometimes.

Anyways, last summer I was able to do a couple rides up to the summit of Emigration Canyon. It had never worked out last summer for Austin to ride up with me but we finally set a date on the calendar for us to ride together. I am so glad that we finally got to do this ride together.

For someone who typically rides and hikes by herself it was a nice treat to ride with someone else have some conversations and good laughs. We had also decided that our next ride that we would stop at Emigration Brewery to try out. I have been wanting to go to this place for some time. I could go by myself and I am not all opposed to doing such a thing but there is a whole other experience when you are able to do a ride and then go and grab food and beer with others.

I enjoy making those memories and connections with others though I don’t do it as often as I once did. But its nice to start planning things and setting about doing it with my roommates. I also really like my roommates and spending time with them when we get a chance.

Austin and I did the quick ride up to Emigration Canyon from the house. Round trip it was a little over 27 miles. Saturday evening was cloudy, windy and a little more than chilly once we were up in the canyon and especially with the decent. For it being Austins first time up and mine for the season we did really well on the timing with just a little over 2 hours. I honestly thought it would take us a little longer and that we might not be able to get all the way up there.

I am so proud of us.

With love,


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