…..and here we are at 34 it didn’t come in all showy like. more subtle like, like here we are. we didn’t expect so long ago to be where we are today but I think we like were we are today. far better than who we were all those years ago.

30’s haven’t been to bad. pretty damn good if you ask us. a lot less crying than what those 20’s brought and that one year that begun the 30’s but for the most part its been a thrill. excitement, wonderment, enjoyment with where life has twisted and turned.

I thought I would have been married by now. I thought that I would have children by now but I have some of the sweetest nieces that cuddled up to me on the morning of my birthday and made me all the birthday cards all weekend long. And a nephew who made sure to call me and wish me a happy birthday so as far as children go we have it on pretty good lock down.

the family went and got breakfast then coffee then we baked a cake that many might not like (it had avocado and sweet potato baked into), we played games and we scrapped booked together.

the day wasn’t big or splashy but it was good and for someone like me. Who wants all the big grand things like backpacking through Europe. Otherwise I think we are doing good around here.

34….its just a number anyways but I think we are going to enjoy it all year.

With love,


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