Backyard Movie Night

I’ve been wanting to do a movie night in the backyard for awhile now. We kinda have the good backyard for it and the last few weeks (months) I have been mentioning doing a movie night with the roommates at some point this summer.

On Sunday when I got home for work, literally walked in the door saw Austin and then said ‘when are we having a movie night this week?’ We coordinated with Victoria and the stars aligned for Monday night. For something put together last minute and not being able to stream the movie we were all wanting to watch I’d say it went really well.

Austin invited her best friend who is in town for the month from traveling and it turned into the perfect girls night.

I went and bought a simple white sheet from Target. Austin has a projector, we have chairs out back and rocking chairs we brought from the porch, we grabbed our blankets some pillows. Austin grabbed the smore’s and we brought out the grill. I also made up a flavored water for us to drink with lemon, lime, cucumber and strawberries.

I also made popsicles the night before but we forgot all about those once the smores were broken out.

So the plan originally was for us to Watch A Quiet Place II. I thought that we would be able to stream it but no…not yet. So we had to come up with something else to watch that was within the genre. We ended up watching Mute which is on Netflix.

None of us really knew what was going on through out the film but I think that was the fun part about having out in the backyard with the projector we just kept with it rather than just ending it and going on to something else. Somehow I think it ended up all coming together, but there are still parts that I am a bit confused about.

Anyways, if you have seen it let me know what you think….Also what are some good backyard movie’s you like watching as a group?

With love,


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