Hiking in Montana

Over Memorial Weekend I worked a 4 day trip that took me two of those days into Montana where I could get some hiking in.

I always love it when my overnights work out and I am able to get outside and explore, hike, bike or swim. Mostly I love it when I am able to get hiking in. Its a good way to get a good workout in and also destress from society.

We got in late into Missoula so the next morning I got up slightly later than what I had planned and headed up to hike the M trail then hike up part of the Mount Sentinel trail. I was able to hike up about 2 miles before I needed to turn back around so I could eat lunch and get ready for work.

I got back down to downtown Missoula and was on the hunt to find a place I could buy some hummus for my veggies and ended up finding my way to the Farmers Market that was going on. Sadly did not find any hummus while at the Market but walked all along downtown and found lots of other small markets going on in town. I had forgotten that it was a holiday weekend and the fact it was a weekend anyways and was perplexed by the mass of people.

I finally called it quits hunting for hummus and headed back to the hotel to have my lunch and get ready for the day.

On last night we got into Helena early in the day. For both of these overnights I used Alltrails so I could look up the trails that were within walking distance from the hotel with a moderate climb. Last time I was in Helena and I had a chance to hike I did Mount Helena via Prospect Shafts Trail. So this time I picked a different area to hike.

I decided on Mount Ascension wanting to hike the full loop. I started the trail at the bottom of Beatties Street. To keep my myself from getting lost I had downloaded the map trail from the AllTrails pro app. It also helped while I had my phone turned to airplane mode so I wouldn’t I like to put my phone on airplane mode sometimes to help save the battery and also so I don’t get distracted by everything else.

I quite enjoyed this hike and this area. there were many different trails you could take to get up to the summit. There were plenty of signage to direct you and with the all trails I was able to stay right on the specific trails I wanted. There was also plenty other directions you could go off to explore as well.

I had made dinner plans with my crew so I wasn’t able to play on the mountain for too long. Thankfully I will have plenty more opportunities to get out here and explore a little more with overnights. Which is what I had to tell myself as I was hiking back down.

For it having been Memorial Weekend I was surprised how few people where up on the trail that day. I am sure most locals have their spots that they head out to on the weekends and for holiday’s to get away from the tourists who are heading in. I did enjoy talking with the two couples who were out attempting to MTB up this trail, we kept meeting up with each other and had some funny conversations going on. Which is why I love being up on the trails, no matter what most of us are going through either on the trail or in life everyone is friendly and out to enjoy the outdoors.

with love,


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