In the Mountains

My last trip took me to Clovis, Ca and to Helena, Mt for the overnights.

For Clovis I walked to Old Town Clovis from my hotel walked around downtown. Picked up a really cute baby outfit for Melia. I couldn’t resist it, it has ruffles. Please forgive me while I spoil the babies in my life. I have no children of my own so I suppose this is the next best thing.

I walked and checked out all the shops then took a break for something to drink at Kuppa Joy Coffee House. I like their back patio area. I also decided that getting some ice cream would also help the walk back to my hotel be a little quicker. and indeed it was.

The next morning we flew back into Salt Lake and it was wondrous all except for the bumps coming in but really wasn’t bad. We had gotten a nice little cold front that came in and brought this valley some much needed rain. And though I wasn’t able to enjoy it all morning long I did enjoy getting to hang out out side the aircraft while we waited for the cleaners and the passengers.

There is something about the smell of rain, fresh fresh rain getting ready to fall on the desert that smells extra sweet.

Which from an article from Accu Weather what we are smelling before it rains is the oils from plants and the gas from the ozone being pushed from downdrafts. The smell from the oils on the plants is also accentuated from long periods of no rain. Which would be why the smell of rain before it rains is stronger out west.

Since that rainfall in the valley Salt Lake has kept that nice cool weather in the 70’s and 80’s but today heads right back to the 90’s.

Though I didn’t get to fully enjoy the full day of cool weather in Salt Lake I did get to enjoy it in Helena, Mt. The day itself was in the 80’s with clouds and a little rain helped to get me out on the trails. It is also easy from town to get yourself to a trail when needing to walk to the trail head.

I had originally planned on just hiking the Rodney Ridge trail but ended up walking passed the road for the trailhead and rather than doubling back realized that I could start on the other side on Davis Gulch Road and took Deford trail to the Eagle Scout trail till it could cross back over Davis Road and get on Rodney Ridge.

All in all I hiked a good 6.4 miles didn’t see too many people until I was coming back down from one of the top view points. And now I realize that each time I am in Helena I will just be getting less and less sleep on those overnights since I will be just out there hiking all those trails.

I did go and grab myself a slice of pizza at Brooklyn Pizza took that slice over to Blackfoot River Brewery taproom and enjoyed sitting down having that pizza and that beer before walking down Ten Mile Creek to sit in there listen to some music and have another before grabbing some ice cream for the walk back to the hotel. I realize that there was two days put together of ice cream and I don’t normally do that but you know what Huckleberry ice cream.

Actually Huckleberry anything is everything.

With love,


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