Connection in Columbus

Sitting here before I head back into work today and looking back over my pictures from the week and mostly the day I got to spend a few hours with my brother in Columbus. There is something unique about getting to know your siblings as adults. Obviously the sibling/family connections but also the becoming friends with them.

I have spent the majority of my adult life out west. I packed my bags, hopped on a plane and flew west and through out the years have only spent a few weeks here and there and trying to get in all the visits with everyone. I left town when my brothers where still in high school and we all three kind of had our own little lives going on and our small little family was severed.

As the three of us have gotten older we have gotten better about taking the time to get to know each other. I have found that has I have gotten older and especially as I started nearing and turning into my thirties I have had more of an urugency to reconnect, rebuild and foster the ties with my brothers.

On Thursday I flew into Columbus for work and had a good long overnight. I had let Cory know that I would be in town the week prior and asked if he would like to meet up for dinner. I am so glad that he was able to drive down to meet with me. Even though we had just seen each other back in May for Jareds wedding and spent a good amount of time together it was nice to be able to catch back up again over drinks and really good pizza.

We talked about our jobs and I got to learn a little more about what he does and where he hopes it will all take him. We joked about dating and the stories we each had. They were all ridiculous and seemed to get sillier and crazier. Dating for either sexes is just overwhelming. We talked about our views on politics and if we lived in a perfect world how it would look. We discussed adventures and adventures we would take and where we would want to go. We laughed and I have to say that is all I can really ask for.

A few memorable things that happened…

while sitting outside the tap house in German Village a man came out and was walking passed when he stopped and then asked if we were related or dating. He said he wasn’t a 100% sure since he has noticed how couples typically look so similar to one another but that we looked a little too alike. We were first like ‘eww that’s my brother/sister’ and then we laughed and were like yeah couples do look a lot a like.

Another thing was while we where driving back for Cory to drop me off at the hotel we stopped to get ice creams and then to walk around the block. We passed another ice cream parlor and there were a ton of people all well passed retired listening to some folk music. We had a good laugh, it kind of took us off guard and yet not. It seemed very quaint essential midwest/eastern and how Ohio just seems to fall into both. It’s not something you come across back west very often.

Also smelling all of the flowers and how much bigger and brighter they all are. Its so much easier to grow plants out east. I might have stopped to smell the flowers and my brother might have teased me about it and then we talked about all the trees and how much I miss climbing trees. It was a thing when I was a child.

A few of the places we took ourselves to

We had pizza at Harvest pizzeria. We shared the mushroom pizza and the almond pesto. We also started with the Buffalo Cauliflower. I also had one of their rotational beers on draft brewed with local brewery Seven Sons in Columbus, Ohio.

We then walked ourselves down to The Daily Growler for a couple pints and then when we were done with that we got ice cream in the Bexley neighborhood at Greater’s Ice Cream.

Also before I met up with my brother I took my self on a shopping spree at The Book Loft in German Village. It is one of my favorite book stores to browse, get lost and pick up a few books. (here)

With love


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