A month in and out of Rapid City, SD

Back in June I got to spend some time each week in Rapid City, SD. Rapid City is in the foothills of the Black Hills your gate way into Mount Rushmore for those of you not fully aware.

Each work trip into Rapid City gave me something different each time getting to experience this wild town. On one occasion I came across a local coffee shop that holds local music and all of a sudden it turned into your local honkey tonk and I was being swirled across the dance floor.

For another experience I checked out the local boutique stores and taste tested both of the local ice cream shops in town. Armadillos Ice Cream Shoppe this is the place the locals flock to and then there is The Silver Lining Creamery which is in a great location with a great splash pad for the younglings.

On one of my longer stays in Rapid City the crew and I were fortunate enough to run into another crew member from Rapid City who aloud us to borrow his car for the day so we could go and sight see and then had us all back that evening for a pool and bbq shin dig at his place.

We started the day out by heading into town where we went and got breakfast at Harriet & Oak. This is a local coffee shop that roasts their own coffee beans and I can certainly appreciate a good coffee with my breakfast. We then walked around town before stopping for another coffee at Alternative Fuel Coffee House while we started planning out the day.

Always one coffee to start the day and then a second coffee to plan the day….

We were then able to coordinate with our new found friend in town and from there we we eventually made our way up to Mount Rushmore in the Black Hills to get a good look at our past presidents engrained into the mountain.

From Rapid to Mount Rushmore it is just a quick 30 minute drive. Once we got up to the park and got to our parking spot we took our time exploring through the park. I will say the park was busy, the whole of the Black Hills are bustling with out of towner’s ready to explore and get fresh air. We still had fun taking all of the pictures and walking along the path smelling the pines and taking a look at the effort and labor it took to carve and sculpt the presidents head.

There are plenty of educational talks given by the park rangers through out the park if you are so inclined to do so. We didn’t have that sort of time to do that, but if I had been there on my own I probably would have done one of the talks so I could get some more local knowledge.

We then started making our way back into town but before we did we decided to stop in Keystone for a pint at Last Mile Brewery. We were able to find a spot out on the deck and enjoy the views while we all chatted about the day, stories of the job.

We then made our way back to town and to our friends out where we were able to enjoy the evening pool side and with some really good food. We relaxed, we swam, we ate and we laughed what else can I say but it was one of those fun experiences where things just seemed to line up really well for us.

And there you have if my month of Rapid City.

Have you been? Do you want to?

Whats been a random experience that’s happened to you while out traveling?

With love,


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