In Desolation

I have been trying throughout the summer to make my way up thru some of these canyons we have and to check out the hikes. So on my days off I slowly check them off one by one. Towards the last week of June before my work that would be working over the 4th of July I biked up Millcreek and started the Desolation trail to the Salt Lake City Overlook.

Before heading on the trail I biked up to the gate in Millcreek. At the time the gate was closed for seasonal closure and is opened as of July 1st. The day I decided to do this ride and hike was on a weekend so the road was pretty full with motorist and cyclists. Everyone was up to enjoy their hikes, rides and picnics, it might have been slightly a too little much for me though with the people. I did go back up to the canyon at another time in the middle of the week and in the morning and it was much quieter.

I enjoyed this hike, it was mostly all in shade and had great views. This is a very busy trail especially just going to the overlook which I think is where most people head to, while a chunk keep going to get to Dog Lake. I’ll probably try this trail out again but mostly likely in the middle of the week in the morning when it isn’t so busy.

Once I had gotten up to the overlook portion I went a little farther past, one to check if I had the energy to keep hiking farther and to also see what the trail looked like past and second play around with my camera and Apple Watch self timer. I don’t typically take pictures of just myself besides the the one quick trail selfie so it was nice to find a quiet spot where I felt comfortable enough to play around with the camera.

I have also realized that through my years and the trails that yes I like the views but I prefer the views of the trees and the mountains. To look out at the vastness, the grander out away from the city. I like to pretend that I’ll keep going into the woods with just the quiet noise of the forest. I’ve gotten used to hiking alone going long stretches without really speaking to anyone hearing the chatter and devices from others.

I do enjoy the challenge of some hikes but I am also not one to just run through a trail. I like getting the exercise and I prefer the trails over the gym any day but I also don’t mind taking my time out on the trail as well. I think for my next book haul and to take with me on my day hikes while out in Utah is to get a field guide book on the trees and other plants that grow in Northern and in the Wasatch Mountains. I know what some of the trees are but not all of them. There is something enjoyable when coming across a plant, tree, shrub and being able to identify what it is and at least one thing about it. The last few years I have been getting into reading The Natural Navigator books by Tristen Gooley and wanting to put more into practice while out on the trail.

You just never know when you might need some of those tricks and tips and signs.

Happy trailing.

with love,


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