could time off be longer?

Happy Weekend Ya’ll!

I’ll say that, since I have just been in the south for a week.

I have a bunch of posts coming along here in the next week or two. I had 2 much needed glorious weeks off of work and you bet your bottom I used those days how I wanted to, so I will have some things to write and post about.

Tonight was my first day back to work and I think I could have used a full day off just relaxing at home with the roommates and taking a leisure bike ride around town but that is not what happened. So here I am 2 hours past our original arrival time at our overnight due to a bird strike.

We will be holding vigil for the bird come morning over our scrambled eggs….a little much? perhaps.

Anyways, I will be having a couple posts on my very first bike overnighter and the gear I used and what I will hopefully be changing and what I learned.

I also just got back from North Carolina, Asheville Area with my mom camping and doing all the touristy things you do along the Blue Ridge Parkway and all the mother daughter bonding, life lesson sort of things.

Anyways, I think now is a good time as any to crawl into bed and hope I wake up for breakfast at some point before it ends.

I hear it’s really good here.

with love jess.

p.s. I have added a few photos from the camping trip….mostly as a tease to keep you around.

I love comments! Especially Yours!

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