A reminder

I am reminded today for myself as well as the rest of us to slow things down and to pay attention more.

Yes a part of this is the very real and disturbing case of Gabby Petito. The anguish, pain and anger her family must be feeling is beyond what I am sure I have felt myself.

To pay attention for ourselves and for those around us. We tend to live in this very narrow scope and to only think of ourselves and maybe needs our loved ones.

Something came up at work today and reminded me even more to wake up. To pay attention. To not let my guard down, to be aware.

It is my job to be aware, to pay attention and to be constantly judging those who are boarding my flights but sometimes the flights, the days start blending together.

Tunnel vision can be a thing. Working trips I don’t want to work, flying on the days I don’t want to fly on. Yadda yadda yadda

The minefield of thoughts and the temptation to fall into those patterns of lows narrows our vision to everything only being about ourselves.

Rather than hiding in the galley or in our office cubes or isolating our selves in what ever manner we do from others we need to pop our heads up out of the dirt.

It can be daunting the amount of work that needs to be done and all of the things we need to be paying attention to and yet feel as if we don’t make a difference.

I don’t believe there is anything as a Utiopia or that we could ever reach such an idea but I do believe that we could all do better, that I myself can do better.


Human Trafficking

Recognizing when someone is a narcissist

What is grooming

One more thing before I go…

Something that has been on my mind and that has been bothering me watching the case with Gabby is how everyone is talking about using your intuition or gut feeling. The problem with that is that when you are young you haven’t gathered enough information to retain in a gut feeling intuition to be able to read the signs of trouble yet. Our intuition is the perception outside of our conscious mind picking up on things.

We need to do better about spotting these things. We need to be better about speaking up when we see something that isn’t right rather than going about our day. Though many times along the way people did speak up and did call it out.

Unfortunately there are many more Gabby’s out there.

This is all I have to say about this for now.


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