Friday Night Concert Night

Well I have just ended one of my busiest play weekends that I have had in a very long time. And now instead of sleeping I am staying up listening to more of Lake Street Dive.

Back in when the Twilight Concerts tickets were going on sale as I was looking at the list of artist making their way through Utah I noticed Lake Street Dive coming in. One I got super excited because I have heard of the group and I do enjoy the music. So I asked Austen if she’d like to go and from there we got the tickets and I just hoped that somehow it would work out for me to have that night off from work.

Thankfully it all worked out.

We rode the bikes down and parked. Most of the events here in Salt Lake typically have bike valet through the local bike co-operative so it makes it really nice being able to park the bike and not have to worry about it being stolen.

I think for many people we have all been missing live music and I am grateful it’s coming back. This was my first concert this year and it was worth the wait. It was nice to have something on the calendar to look forward to and getting to do go and do something with my roommate.

The concert was held downtown at the Gallivan Center and it was packed full. When Lake Street Dive got on stage we managed to find a spot towards the back but still with a little bit of a view of the stage, we were close enough to the bathrooms which worked out well for us.

We danced to the music, we sang along to the songs we knew and we completely got lost into the music. I’m not sure about you but sometimes music to me becomes this very spiritual connection. I know I have talked about this before on here. Those moments of getting swept up and fully taken in and as if those lyrics and music is speaking of some promise and of reminders always seems to happen when I am listening to live music.

There were also plenty of concessions those the lines for the food vendors were long and thankfully neither one of wanted to get anything from there. Fun thing that was there was a little coffee tent. Not sure from which coffee shop but they had pumpkin lattes and so we ended up getting one after we had finished our beer. They was also a local Kombucha company (Han’s Kombucha) and they had cocktail kombucha and I have to say I enjoyed my mule kombucha.

After Lake Street Dive did their full set they came back out and did an encore with three songs. I feel like we got so spoiled from this concert or it just feels like it has been forever and a day since I have been to one.

Anyways, this was a great night and had a blast and am already looking forward to the next concert…just need to start looking at who is coming into town.

with love,


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