What to pack as a Flight Attendant

REI dress and the fanny pack…

So perhaps you have finished Flight Attendant training and now you are awaiting your IOE and wondering ‘ How the Freak do I pack for this?’.

We have all been there. What I would like to tell you is don’t over think it. I like to think about the season that we are either currently in or transitioning in and where you are based out of. Much of that will give you a good indication as you start to learn what flying you do out of your domicile.

In this post I will give a little detail on how I pack my suitcase. With it now being October I pack for the fall/winter transition. Mostly likely you are probably going to be on reserve and you won’t really know where you are going much less when, so keep it simple and keep it as light as you can. You wear a uniform during those flights have an ‘overnight uniform’. Meaning keep the same outfits in your suitcase with only taking them out to wash when you are back home.

The outfits that I have just put in my suitcase tonight for my trip that will start tomorrow will now be the outfits that I will wear for the rest of the month. They will come out when I change into them and go right back when I am done wearing or when I have taken them out to wash.

So what do I have in my suitcase?

For the Clothes

  1. One dress. It is a travel, outdoor dress that I bought from REI Coop a month after I started officially flying. I love this dress sometimes wear this for that whole work trip. Its been good to me, I get complements on it and I can change it up for the weather when need be. Its like your Swiss army knife, it also has pockets and a secret pocket.
  2. 1 pair of jeans
  3. 1 sweater
  4. 1 out fit for exercise -running shorts, base layer shirt
  5. underwear for 4 days
  6. 1 pair of running socks, 1 pair of wool socks
  7. 1 extra pair of painty hose or stockings for work
  8. 1 bathing suit – I have been with out and it was that time when I needed it.
  9. pajamas – shorts and a shirt


Currently I will be keeping my Birkenstock sandals with my running shoes for the month

Toiletry Bag

I just keep 1 (one) toiletry bag in my suitcase.

I keep in there :

  1. Toothbrush
  2. Toothpaste
  3. Travel size Shampoo and Conditioner
  4. Aloe Vera
  5. Eye Night Cream
  6. deodorant
  7. face wipes
  8. sunscreen
  9. tweezers
  10. nail clippers
  11. Reusable ear swabs
  12. razor
  13. my allergy medication
  14. Anti friz spray
  15. 1 lipstick – every once in awhile
  16. a brush

I don’t carry makeup besides a lipstick and a gloss. Half the time I don’t even put these on since we are wearing masks through the airport and on the aircraft.

For the rest

I always keep a my fanny pack, a packable backpack, a travel size reusable grocery bag, and a travel size yoga mat.

With it being fall I also keep a light rain jacket in there as well.

Try not to over think it too much with what you are packing. Remember to keep the same outfits in your suitcase for the season so you’re not having to think about it when trying to hurry and get to the airport in two hours after crew support as just woken you at 5 am.

Think about what you wear when at home. Do you mostly wear lounge clothes. Pack just that then. Are you a leggings and shirt, sweater person? Then go and pack that. You could try and pack 5 outfits and half the time you might wear one outfit on one of your overnight the rest of the time your hauled up in your hotel room. Or you may possibly have time for drinks at the bar across the way from your crew hotel.

I’m wearing my Birkenstock’s with the socks to the bar, we don’t have time to get cute. It’s a meet in the lobby in 5 kinda time.

And with that my fly friends meet you in the skies!

with love,


I love comments! Especially Yours!

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