If you are thinking about it, you should just do it.

There once was a time when I would be looking out my window and I would get lost as if a portal of some sort was right there at my window taking me to all these places I’d never been before but wanting to go. Imagining what life was like outside my own house. I never really ever felt settled or perhaps the settling feeling made me feel uneasy.

There was always a need to be somewhere else but where I was at. I felt as if I was letting life pass me by and I had no idea how to slow it down. I knew that I really wanted to travel, that I wanted to get and to have all of these different experiences and to meet so many different people and to hear their stories I just didn’t know how to do that.

I would try and lay out different plans and some of them worked, for a little while but never fully went to plan. Years ago I was sitting in a local acting class down in Salt Lake City and one of the classmates was flight attendant. Some weeks she was there and some weeks she wasn’t. One day we had been talking about it and I remember thinking, Oh man that is so awesome that you do that and it must be super exciting. She then was like you should totally apply and come out for an interview. The was one of the first sparks and the first time someone had told me that I should become a flight attendant. I went home, looked up the company. They were local to here, in Salt Lake (The company that I know work for). Thought about it and then the next time my then husband where able to talk on the phone (at the time he was in Military training). I had laid out how it would be really good for myself as well as for us both and the opportunity it would give us, plus the bonus of me having a job. Currently I wasn’t working.

He wasn’t keen on the idea of it so I put the idea away.

A couple years later as I was going through my divorce and working up at Snowbasin I met my now best friend. One of the first things she had said to me after us having our first big conversations was “You should be a flight attendant”. I ignored it. Thought and said no I will figure out a different way to travel.

Every time I would have to go and start searching for a new job, getting my resume back up and in order she would then go right back and say ” You know I really think you should be a flight attendant”. Then I would either ignore her or say no maybe there’s another way.

I should have listened to her early on but I sometimes we have to get ourselves so far into a pickle for us to finally stop and say, you know you are right.

My pickle was Portland and a relationship that was going south even with the perfect “idea” of how I thought I should be traveling and in a relationship that should have been perfect. Each time I brought it up to him, he was not keen on the idea. A girlfriend that wasn’t there full time didn’t sound good to him. Though once again it was a job that would allow both of us to travel plus health care and all of those goodies that comes along with a major company.

This time I didn’t put it fully away. I kept bringing it back out to look at. Running it through my mind. What would it actually be like, what about the places that I could go. Hmmm health care sounds like a nice idea. I could get payed to travel. I could take myself to Europe. Maybe me being gone for a few days a week might be good for this relationship.

When finally one Sunday afternoon I called Kelsey crying that it was really time for me to leave Portland She said okay, ‘I will get your ticket to fly out here but you need a plan.’ A week later I was in the airport and looking out the window watching the planes takeoff I decided that from then on I was going get myself to Europe and I was going to become a flight attendant. I watched the flight attendants that day and told myself that within a year I was going to do it.

You know what I made it within that year mark. I started applying, worked on my resume, several different times. Looked up videos and blogs. Listened too audibles about the hiring process and worked on the interview questions. I had finally given up on old ideas and had found a new determination within myself to take care of myself and not let a relationship or a job set me back.

I am so glad that I finally listened and actually went for it, full force.

Flight Attendant training is mind boggling with all of the information and with how quickly you are learning everything but it’s worth it and putting your mind to it and studying your going to make it through. You may cry in the bathroom a couple times out of sheer stress but its good practice for later. Yes, I spend a lot of time alone and days spent away from home and away from family but that time alone at least for myself is good. Has been good. I get to work on other things, I get time to watch all of the Hallmark I want to. I find unique places in the towns I layover in and I explore it. Certainly it gets lonely but I find it depends on how you use that time. I’m working most holidays but I have to say my holidays have been far more fun working the last couple of years compared to years before this job. I know that I am going to be in my hotel room alone but then sometimes you can have some magical moments when you are open to getting out and exploring with your crewmates.

If you have been thinking about it I say Stop and just apply. The airlines here in the states are hiring back up again. If it has been a dream of yours since you where a child or perhaps a young adult go ahead and give yourself permission to go after.

Don’t let a relationship a job or family matters get in the way of it. You might just surprise your self with how much better it will turn out for yourself.

If anything you give it a try for a year and you know you take yourself somewhere you have never been.

With love,


If you have any questions about working for the airlines drop them in the comment section. I’d be happy to answer any questions you have for me.

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2 thoughts on “If you are thinking about it, you should just do it.

  1. Definitely! We get recurring thoughts for a reason, and the best way to deal with them is to go ahead and explore what lies down the path of said thoughts. Inspiring story here. Thanks for sharing!

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