The Love Bug turns 7

7 years ago she made me an aunt and ever since then I have been doing my due diligence to secure that title. I remember holding her in the hospital after waiting many days for her final arrival and thinking “Here you finally are.”

Whatever tinge of jealousy there might have been left over for myself not being the one to have that family, it vanished and instantly filled with love for her.

When Kelsey was still going to school down in Salt Lake and Marcus had to work in the evenings himself I would go over and watch my LoveBug. For the first few months she had a bad bout of colicly and all you could do was to hold and rock her as much as possible till she would finally fall asleep. I had my playlist of songs I would sing to her:

Ray La Montage -You are the Best Thing

Stevie Nicks -Rhianna

Mary Poppins-Tippins

Mary Poppins -Stay Awake

To this day she still remembers You are the Best Thing.

The kid has a memory unlike anyone I have ever met. Sometimes it can be good and sometimes not so much.

When she was wee little and I had first moved in and she was learning to crawl and walk she come right into my room pushing the door open, pull her self up on the side of the bed and stand there until I would turn over and pick her up on the bed. She’d lay there a little with me waiting for a minute but the kid was all wide awake and so she’d jibber away a whole conversation about the morning, and I’d ask her about her dreams and she listen while I talked and then go right on as if we where having a full on conversation.

And now she will take the phone and walk away so she can tell me all about her friends and the boys in her neighborhood and then she’ll stop and ask ‘ and how are you?’ And it’s taken me a little to get used to these big girl conversations we are now having. I have to remind myself that that little babe I once held in the hospital is now growing up before all our eyes.

Sometimes it seems as if she is growing up so quickly and I have to remind her not to so quickly.

And yet that is all she wants to be, A big person.

When she is playing and her and her sister are playing pretend she will stop to remind us all, ‘Its okay, it’s just pretend’.

Always the logical one.

She’ll remind me at least twice a week that “You live in Utah but here is Home” and then she’ll ask when I am coming back home.

She once put on my jacket and then stated ‘I’m Jess, I ride bikes and wear lipstick”.

Then she’d tell people “my jess, she sleeps on plane and lives in airports”

My Jess used to be synonymous to meaning aunt. She was always confused when others didn’t have a Jess.

While living in Wilmington while Kelsey and the girls where walking into the grocery store, Love Bug saw some Firefighters walk on by. She looked and then did a complete full double look. Kelsey called me to tell me directly that she did a ‘Jess’. I was impressed and a little worried.

The kid knows how to get any ones attention that she wants to get better than any adult that I know. I have watched her do this a many times with other children -other little boys at the play ground and have wondered if I should take some flirting cues from a child.

She believes in Happily Ever After and still gets embarrassed during the flirting scenes between characters. She will also cry big whenever there is a sad part in a movie.

She is smart and learns quickly and always the helper.

And she loves being a Big Sister.

Her punch line may need a little help but she loves her people fiercely

and her laugh is contagious.

Happy 7th Birthday Love Bug

with love

your jess

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