Child’s Holiday Gift Idea

Christmas will be here in no time and I sometimes always have a hard time trying to come up with ideas for Christmas gifts.

I have currently three nieces and one nephew with one more niece on the way. I am so excited about this and looking forward to meeting her when she gets here. So to help with an idea for Christmas, new baby arrival, birthdays or for a just because gift for a little one in your life I do have one really good gift idea for you.

My family is far more into the Montessori learning toys and keeping things more with a nature base and simple. So this gift fits all the requirements for my family and for myself when I do buy a gift for a child.

Hazel Village,

The company has been around for a decade now and are based out of Brooklyn, NY and I am easily able to get behind them with their mission as a company as a whole and this was after I happened to come across the dolls while based in Dallas, Tx. I was instantly drawn to the cute hand-made animal dolls and knew that my nieces and nephew would love these.

I was first able to get Henry an animal a few years ago and he has used it on and off through the years as a comfort doll for his naps and bedtime.

Then when Kelsey was pregnant with Melia I new that I needed to get a doll for her for her arrival. I bought her doll before she was born and then kept forgetting to pack it in my suitcase when I would head out there. I finally got it to her in June, which was a prefect timing with her age and development. Malia’s is kept in her bed and she cuddles with it during her naps.

I then finally got Yoshi and Aspen their doll over the summer. I honestly thought that they had out grown that stage. The girls though take their dolls all over with them for car rides or just regular play at home. I know Yoshi plays with animal doll far more along with her other dolls. I can at least say its at the top of her favorite dolls.

For Christmas I will probably get the girls new outfits for their dolls or get them the little mini animals for their dolls.

I hope this helps for a gift idea if searching for something for a niece, nephew, grandchild or for your own child.

No affiliation with Hazel Village, I just really like the quality of the dolls, the simpleness of them, the company as a whole and if I could afford getting these dolls all the time I would probably get these as gifts for coworkers who are expecting. That is how much I love these dolls.


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