Crew Outing in Bend, Oregon

A few weeks ago I had an overnight in Redmond, Oregon. Just a few miles up the road from Bend, Oregon. Best known for Deschutes National Forest and Deschutes Brewery. The whole flight crew ( all whopping four of us) rented a car at the airport after trying to rent a Uhaul van- thinking this would be cheaper. If anyone has tried this for your day adventures, please tell how it went.

We searched for some hiking trails with waterfalls that would be close by and near Bend. The other flight attendant hadn’t ever been to Bend yet so I wanted him to get a chance to see a little bit of it after our hike. I asked at the front desk of our hotel and was told about Tumalo Falls. Once we got into Bend and got onto Skyliners Road it really became a beautifully scenic drive. Skyliners takes you all the way to the parking lot for the Falls. There is a pay station once you hit the gravel road that turns into Tumalo Falls Road, this also becomes State Forest Park Territory.

This outing took place towards the end of October and boy were the colors out for show and tell for us. We took our time once we got on the graveled road-also so I wouldn’t beat up the rental. We had a good time stopping and slowing down to take pictures and to have the windows rolled down and to get the crisp woodsy smell to our nostrils when it wasn’t raining on us.

When we finally reached the parking lot we found that the falls where right there at the overlook. Then we looked around and found that there was a hiking trail. The Happy Valley Trail. We ended up going and wondering along Happy Valley for a good little while. We made it up to Double Falls and hiked a little bit after that and then we all decided that it was time for us to start heading back grab some dinner in Bend and head to the hotel before we all turned into pumpkins.

The trail itself is fairly easily, well cleared very little if any incline. You keep mostly along the river with many overlooks and spots to take pictures and to admire views around. The day was chilly with lite rain on and off as is with most of the PNW once autumn as appeared.

We got back to downtown Bend found ourselves a parking spot and then made our way over to Worthy Brewing Beers and Burgers. Another great spot to stop at when your in town is 10 Barrel Brewing-West Side. It had been a few years since I had actually been back into Bend. I am in and out of Redmond often with work but haven’t had a chance to go back and its always an interesting thing when you can recall all the streets and roads and the places that you had walked and hiked around after not being back in 5 years.

Another great spot to head to when your overnighting in Redmond is the High Desert Museum. There are so many places to get to that is close and can easily do in just a few short hours.

Well my fly crew keep on exploring…

Let me know where you’ve been.

with love,


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