Galley Confession

I am sitting in the kitchen as soup and the makings for burritos are on the stovetop and sipping on a vanilla porter. Its rather tasty but besides all of that I am finally relaxed after several weeks (months?) of my jaw being tightened by the stress of passengers.

Let me just say that I really do love my job and I could see myself doing this till the day I die. I may just take my last breath right there on that jump seat. I love the places it has taken me, the people that I am able to meet and the life that it affords me all this to say that sometimes my job makes me want to pack a really, really big bag and head straight into the mountains and to never resurface.

not the 200.

This last week of work I flew on our CRJ 200. We affectionally call her the Barbie mobile and most flight attendants don’t like flying on the 200. The first time I was pulled on to work a 200 flight I looked down on the trip sheet and at the gate agent and was like ‘we’re going to have to hold, we need another flight attendant.’ She laughed and ‘ Oh honey you’r on the 200, it’s just you.’

‘What!’ it was a shock and I didn’t think I was ready for that. Working on a flight by myself in the back with all those passengers. I came to realize that I actually like working on the 200, within reason. Not all the time because at times I can come off from working a 200 trip and I non-stop talk to my roommates with a crazed look in my eye and they are never fully sure what to do with me during those times.

The schedules are generally packed with flights all day with little down time in between flights and then with a minimum rest period for the overnights. So the only people I see are the 50 pax on each of those flights. It can get rather lonely at times if you are used to spending time with other people.

I’ve come to appreciate Barbie in the almost last two years. Rather than flying into major airports we fly to smaller hubs into smaller towns all along the mountain west. Everyone going in and out of those smaller airports have been so much more pleasant and far less stressed out. Our out station crews have been far more relaxed even though there has been more pressure put on them as well with less employees and trying to get flights out on time.

So something that I have seen while traveling is that these smaller towns everyone has still been going about their lives and doing what they need to they are a lot closer to nature as well. They are all out hiking, going out into the backcountry to fish, mtb, hunt and camp. They have spaces to go out and decompress from the rest of the world and in doing so are calmer passengers.

On the other note of that flying in and out of the cities has been chaos with passengers. I do a lot more reports when flying from one city to the next and I do more reports in certain cities more than others. I go on extra alert when flying into these places watching and listening more to passengers waiting to see when I am going to have to put myself in the middle of a dispute or get a passenger in a rage with something that has happened in the airport or on the last flight directed to myself.

It’s been exhausting trying to keep myself composed and calm when this happens and then when it continues to happen multiple times through a work trip. I have found that I have been disappointed in myself in how I have reacted when I try to be understanding of others circumstances and to not let their stuff be taken personally.

It’s hard sometimes.

Really Really hard sometimes.

There have been times when I have wanted to cry, scream and throw a fit and let the rest of those around me figure it out.

This 200 trip came at a good time. I wasn’t excited about it when the our schedules had come out but after several months it was really what I needed.

All of this to say can everyone just start calming down?

***Just don’t mix your calming meds and your alcohol together please.

Working on the 200 I got to be goofy with the passengers, I got to joke with them and felt more myself and far calmer.

The next couple trips with be working on the the 200 which will kind of feel like a vacation.

Anyways this is my galley confession…Just pretend we are sitting in the galley with really bad airplane coffee in our hands talking back and forth and trying to calm each other from our own little personal ledges.

With love,


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