Holiday Gift Ideas for your Crew Member

The holidays are right around the corner and as such this post is for ideas for gifts for your loved ones who are pilots and or flight attendants. All of these ideas are items that myself or other crew members I know who use these items regularly. This is also a good gift idea for those of you who may have new flight attendants or pilots in your families.

For the Meal Prepper or the crew member who is over eating out all the time or over eating biscoff cookies.

  • A Lunch Bag– Black that is uniform compliant and can hold a good portion of meals for 4 days at least. I have the ebag Crew Cooler II another possible alternative- here
  • Hot Logic – Those of us who have one swear by this. It comes in handy when our hotel rooms don’t come with a microwave and we don’t want to walk to the lobby in our pjs. They come in a variety of colors.
  • Ice bag– these bags are so much better at holding ice and keeping foods cold all day.

For the stocking stuffer ideas

  • Eye Mask– we love to sleep when we are on a flight and not working, this also helps keeping passengers from talking to us. Though really it does help with both deadheads as well as the hotel.
  • Portable Charger – I have a couple different types and carry them with me everywhere. I have had the Mycharge Adventure powerbank and really like it.
  • Hand lotion– my hands always seem to be extra dry in the winter and then seems to be worse just from the constant altitude changes and washing of the hands.
  • Lyft or Uber gift cards
  • Pantyhose– you may laugh but I go through so many pantyhose.

For a couple Big gift ideas for your special flight attendant or pilot

  • Smart Watch– Part of our uniform is to wear a watch that is in working condition. I finally splurged earlier this year and bought myself an Apple Watch and I am really glad that I have so far. I also don’t have to worry about my watch breaking and I can keep myself in check with health goals.
  • Luggage Rack– This isn’t always something people think about but I have my suitcase sitting on this when I am home. My suitcase has a home as well as helps when I am packing and unpacking each week.

I hope these ideas help this coming holiday season when buying for your special crew member.

If you yourself are a crew member and have suggestions leave ’em in the comment sections below.

With love,


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