How to Make Holiday Flying Easier!

It is that wonderful time of the year where everyone is heading to their loved ones and many of you will be doing this by air. For many of you it has probably been awhile since you have even seen the airport let alone stepped into one and onto a plane. I’m here to tell you its okay. Just take a deep breath with me and lets go over a few refreshers to make this holiday flying go a little smoother for you.

Getting to the airport

Be sure to leave your house early so you are able to get to the airport with time to find parking, checking in and going through security. Most airports advice you to get to the airport at least two hours ahead of time, during the holiday rush of flying and especially the two days before Thanksgiving and Christmas I would say getting to the airport 3 hours early to be on the safe side.

  • Check with the hotels close to the airport, sometimes they have a lower parking fee than the airports parking.

From the 3 years working as a flight attendant what I have noticed is that the stress of flying and the airport gets heightened at security.

A few things when going through airport security to make it more efficient:

If taking your computer have it accessible to quickly take out.

Wearing slip of shoes of some sort also helps

wear clothes where you don’t need to worry about a belt.

-with that, wear less so you don’t have to take so much off while in line.

Be sure you liquids are TSA compliant- No one likes having a good bottle of shampoo thrown out or a good bottle of lotion either.

After going through the hassle of security now is the time where you will be locating your gate. For myself I always like to go find out where my gate is at first and then go to the restroom, grab coffee and then fill up my reusable water bottle.

At the Gate

Now while at the gate I always try to be there a little early so I can hear any important information the gate agent may give out. Depending on where you are going you may need to show your passport or a Covid-19 negative test. The flight may board a 30 minutes or an 1 prior to departure. Many airlines also close the gate between 15 or 10 minutes before departure.

When it comes time to boarding making sure you have all of your items gathered and organized in either your carry-on or backpack/purse. At least once a day I will have a passenger who will get on the plane and then realize right when we are closing the boarding door that they have left their wallet, phone, water bottle, e-reader out at the gate.

  • Make sure that you will be bringing just two items on your flight. -1 carry-on and 1 personal item. Not all aircrafts have an abundance of overhead bin space.
  • Bring snacks with you for the flight. – So you can’t bring liquids through security but you are allowed to bring your own food through security. Many people who fly regularly with dietary restrictions know this and will bring their own snacks, light meals so that way they don’t have to stress about it in the airport.
  • Just be cautious of the smells of foods. – It lingers on an aircraft.
  • Be sure to download the airlines app that you will be flying so you can get into the entertainment on board.
  • Also download a movie or show or a book that you haven’t seen or read. This makes it something to look forward to for the flight.
  • When flying with children bring a new activity for them for the flight or a couple. Children get board, fidgety and it is harder for young children to stay seated for long hours can be hard for them. Getting something they also can look forward and to distract them for awhile.
  • Make sure to have headphones for either your computer or phone.
  • Bring an eye mask if you are wanting to sleep.
  • If you are nervous or a first time flyer let your flight attendant know. It may be busy for us but I always like it when it is brought to my attention, it means we can do something to help.
  • Also be direct when you are needing something. Ask and Kindness goes a lot way. If there is something that you are needing let us know. We may be able to help or we may be able to direct you where you may get that help.
  • Also on that line if you see something that you are uncomfortable with, tell us. There doesn’t need to be a show about it, ring that call button and tell us what’s going on so we can address the situation.

A few other things….

  • Download Flight Aware on your phone
  • Download the airport apps that you will be flying into. You’ll be able to see the terminal map, locate food and restrooms and have the numbers for lost and found if you do lose something.
  • Pack light
  • Don’t over drink….I know its the holidays and flying to see family can be stressful but it will go smoother for yourself and your flight attendants.
  • Be prepared for delays, cancellations due to weather, maintenance, airport flight traffic
  • Be kind to your gate agents, flight attendants, airport attendants, TSA, pilots. It’s a hectic time of the year and remember we are working so you can be with your families and we love that we can do that for you.

Happy Flying!

with love,



If you have any tips your self put them in the comment,

If you have any questions ask in the comments.

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