A Crew-Giving!

I hope everyone had a wonderful stress free Thanksgiving….

I spent Thanksgiving flying from one city to the next and then landing in Palm Springs.

Dianne, the other flight attendant made reservations for our crew at The Steakhouse at Palm Springs in the Agua Caliente Casino. I am really glad I decided to put one of my nicer dresses in my suit case.

It was all white linen, fancy glass wear, low lights and candle light and menus that lit up.

We were all very impressed with the lighted menus.

Our crews First Officer had dinner with friends and family in Palm Springs so we ended up stealing another First Officer to make it even. We all had a great time getting to know one another and being very impressed with our meals and restaurant.

I’m now currently in NC and will be here a few more days getting in a mash up of Thanksgiving and Christmas.

There has been a lot of first hand Hallmark Christmas Town happening around here. I’ll have more of that posted in the coming weeks.

Let the Festivities Begin!

With love,


Crew-Giving – Thanksgiving spent with Flight Crew ( sometimes spent in fancy restaurants and sometimes spent in creepy hotels)….. giving thanks for happy passengers, light loads, tail winds, on time arrivals, and whatever meal we can scrounge up.

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