Nordy The Christmas Tree

Well hello the roommates and I would like to introduce to you Nordy, our Christmas Tree. He sure is handsome and we all fell deeply for him. Quickly we might add.

Austen and I went back to Cummings Christmas Tree lot in Millcreek. I am pretty sure once you have done something twice it can then hold as tradition. Victoria wasn’t able to go this year with us as she had a show to do that evening. We made sure to check all of the trees though and I may have fallen in love with another tree…shhh just don’t mention it to Nordy.

I got pictures from all sides of him and imagined what he’d look like all dressed up. And yes, you are seeing him with a beard, its really just a beer belly and yes he does look great in a flannel. Oh first love, what can I say…..

The Cummings Family Christmas Tree lot has been going on for 65 years now and from Black Friday until Christmas Eve they are open and will also have some sort of fun theme going on during the weekends as well. Austen and I lucked out on Saturday when they had the Mandalorian there.

wasn’t about to pass up that opportunity.

One of the great reasons why I think we all love going to Cummings Family Lot is because of the upbeat and helpful customer service that we get there. Though it doesn’t feel like you are just another customer, whether its your first time or you have been going there for years you are a part of the Christmas Tree magic.

Nordy got loaded up on the car and we took him home and got him settled in. We waited a couple days until all three of us where home so we could decorate him up and get the house festive for the season.

Monday evening when we were all home we put on the Christmas music got the wine poured and the boxes out and started decking out the halls.

Its a little bittersweet this year. This will be the last year the three of us will be picking out the tree, decorating the Christmas tree and having our little roommate Christmas together. Come February Victoria and I will be moving out and some new adventures for all three of us will begin.

The last few years getting to be roommates with Victoria and Austen has been some of the best and at times challenging times but I would say far more highs than not. They are always up to go and do little adventures when I get something kooky in my mind and we can also get a bottle of wine out and sit in the kitchen and talk for hours about everything and nothing.

When I first walked into the house to check out the room and to meet Austen the first time and the two of us chatting it up in the kitchen I knew right away that this was the place that I needed to be for however long that would be.

Every once in awhile you’ll meet someone or be somewhere and there will be a spark and that spark happened for me when I had first walked into this house that feels like home and friendships that I am so grateful that I have been able to be apart of.

Since its Christmas time there is the sentiments for the year.

also I think I am going to really miss the nutcrackers. Every year they bring me so much joy and to see them all along the mantel.

now that Christmas is all up in the house I have spent the majority of my time out in the living room with huckleberry, Nordy and the army of nutcrackers. Sometimes its hard to pull myself away when it can get so comfy and homey this time of year inside.

How is everyone else’s Christmas tree and decorations coming along?

with love,


Also, Nordy is a Nordmann Fir which is where he gets his name.

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