Some of my favorite moments

Well hello Wednesday!

We have just a few short days left of this year and with most people ending most of the Christmas Celebrations we are now in what many might call limbo land. Although as a kid this might have been one of my favorite weeks of the year. No school, house mostly to ourselves as my parents would head back to work. Typically in Ohio fashion where I grew up there would be snow and so we would traditionally be outside building forts, have snow ball fights and pretending to be ice skating on the parking lot next to our house.

As an adult less playing out in the snow and more watching movies I hadn’t watched that came out this year. Also watching Boba Fett and prepping meals for the next few weeks.

Before the year is fully over I would like to reminisce about some of my favorite moments of the year….

my youngest niece was born in the middle of January this year…there is nothing like new born snuggles…eventually everything becomes exciting and who needs to be snuggled w

In February we had a good enough snow storm and I really wanted to go sledding so Austen and I went and got water tubes from Target so we could go sledding. They had no sleds only summer/ water outdoor items… We had fun on our three rides down the hill. I will say I think sledding is far scarier that skiing.

I had some pretty good work trips that took me to much warmer climates (California) for the winter months, There was sun and 60 degree weather. I worked with some really great crews who were always up for going out and exploring together and having a good laugh. I also went out to North Carolina pretty often as well, anytime I had enough days in a row I would head out for some much needed snuggles and beach time.

At the end of April I flew down to Vegas for my brother’s wedding. I have to say when we are all dressed up we are a rather good looking crew….

My mother finally saw her daughter a bit tipsy and what happens when that happens. My mother and I also bonded over Thunder Down Under so….That is a treat…I think

Like I said before there was a lot of beach time in the spring, we also got to see wild horses that live out on an island in North Carolina and also take ferries to get out on the beach.

Also in May right after I got home I was able to get Austen to go ride to the summit of Emigration with me, in the wind and cold. I am pretty proud of us for getting to the top, I kept asking her if she wanted to turn around and try it another day…mainly because I was over the wind and cold and wanted warmth.

I turned 34 while out in New Bern and got spoiled by all my loves. Game Nights, Nights lounging at breweries, sunsets and sunrises on the beach, getting to see my niece perform her dance performance and organizing the crap out of my nieces room.

June was movies out in the backyard, line dancing in Rapid City, lots of bike rides and hiking…July slipped in and lots of working but also a lot of play with hiking and biking and exploring on my overnights. Getting some one on one time with my youngest brother in Columbus on my overnight…

August came with enough time to fly across the world 8 times so I decided to do my first bike overnight up in Park City. Biking longer and farther with the Alpine terrine we have out here. honestly, out of a lot of things that I had done this year this is the one I keep coming back to. I am pretty proud of myself for pushing myself to do this and to continue on with it even when I wanted to quit along the way.

after all the biking for a week I then flew out to Tennessee to meet up with my mom for us to have a mother daughter camping trip. I had a very enjoyable time getting to show her all the places around Asheville and getting to see a few more new places as well with her. It was muggy and raining most of our trip but we had a pretty good time even in the rain.

I was always a bit of a momma’s girl as a child…okay I never really liked leaving my mothers side. I would at times get a bit jealous when I did not get enough one on one time so this was a bit of fulfillment for my 7 year old self.

September came with more fun work trips and places to explore, my first outdoor concert since the Covid outbreak with Austen.

I then went and biked with a bunch of strangers and camped out in Park City with all of them. A bunch of nerdy traveling bike fanatics its so nice to feel a part of something….

October came with more flying and exploring with hiking and biking, games nights and new adventures in once explored places.

November showed up being a bit stir crazy and you know when that happens call up that one friend who you know will be up for random adventures to Bryce Canyon and can be ready to go within a day or so…

Also have work friends who are willing have adventure in the snow with you as well

Also did I mention there has been a lot of game night through out these last few months. Here or there, there is always time for game nights… And with December came with lights, good food, tree hunting, tree dressing and all around winter frolicking.

Welp friends that I believe sums up most of the year,

I have much to be grateful for and I never forgot it. The career I have that lets me get out to see my best friend and nieces just about every month I want, the places I get to explore through out the U.S, the time I get to spend being goofy with my roommates and for people and new friends I get to make along the way.

Just remember its all the moments, the slow days, the fast days, mundane days, exciting days, the hard days, the days that come easy they all add up in a year and into our lives. I don’t think we have to make it count every single day but we should remember as much as we can and enjoy what we can.

Thank you 2021, It’s not what I expected or had hoped it would look like but it has been better than expected.

with love,


p.s…I realize that there are no pictures on here of my best friend and I…that would be because somehow we didn’t get any pictures with each other this year…I do happen to have a lot of pictures of her children which is pretty much pictures of her, especially the middle one.

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