Oklahoma City Overnight

Working and flying around in the winter can be a little tiresome with the cold and the early nights. I have been loosing my luster for getting out on my overnights to go and explore. I also lose out on getting fresh air and exercise, sometimes its just more comforting to stay in with a hot tea and watch Disney+.

The last couple mornings have been early wake up calls of 4 am after getting into Oklahoma and into the hotel I debated on whether I was going to go and take a nap or force myself to get out and do an activity. I checked around on google maps thinking about going to a museum until all of a sudden Devon Ice Rink popped right out at me. Currently Devon Ice Rink is open until the end of January and is only $14 per person, skates included at the Botanical Gardens.

The first officer agreed to come out for the activity and so we bundled up and for an 1 and 30 minutes we skated along with the families and the couples out on dates this Sunday afternoon. We skated to classic rock and roll and to a good amount of Spice Girls. It has been years since I have been out on the ice and it felt great, one of my romantic notions is to ice skate on a pond, lake, river. I should get myself some proper ice skates and possibly find some alpine lake that freezes over deep enough to do such a thing. Ah, one day. It was fun and refreshing to be out this afternoon skating and getting back into and just being silly. There are just some things that just make you feel like a kid all over again. Though I never went ice skating until I was 24, I think its just one of those things my 8 year old self gets excited about like ballerinas and figure skating. Oh the aspirations I had as a child.

Working up an appitite we headed over into Bricktown for pizza at The Wedge Pizzeria. We mostly had the place to ourselves since everyone else was at a Basketball game. I guess that is kind of a big deal around here…I don’t know I rather enjoyed having the place to ourselves and being able to have conversations over pizza. The FO and I shared the Vegan Shuffle, I rather enjoyed this pizza but I also enjoy a good Truffle oil. They seemed to have a pretty good menu when it came to their beers and cocktails, I am currently in Dry January so I withheld for tonight.

After dinner we headed back to the hotel and on our way I randomly decided to stop at Pinkitzel Candy & Cupcake. Oh My! I am so glad that we did stop here. For all of my time coming into Oklahoma I’m not really sure I haven’t stopped in here before. I got two truffles after looking around and being memorized. My truffles were worth every dollar.

A Few Other places of favorites:

Wheeze the Juice

Landing Coffee Company

Bricktown Brewery

with love,


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