An American in London part I

There it is was a phone call because long distance is a beast. What I thought was good turned out to something that could never work out. And the dreaded ‘still want to remain friends’

If there is one thing about me it’s once I’ve seen you naked we can’t ever go back to just being friends. Good luck to you and I wish you the best but friends. No, it’s not in my visceral.

No, what I did was wait the long silence then finally end the call, wait a few minutes before the shock wore off and have myself a good cry for a good couple of days. Possibly ice cream may have been involved in this while I figured out where I was running away to.

If there is one thing I wish I would have done after my divorce and the last big breakup is to have ran away…. Far far away to another continent.

This all nicely happened packaged right before my birthday… a week before. If that’s not a slap in the face along with turning 35 I’m not really sure what is.

So I went and worked my work trip and the original plan was to go to Paris. I have always wanted to go to Paris… there’s something romantic and a little ironic about the thought of going as a single women.

Due to not being able to get a Covid test at a good time and within budget I decided last minute to hop on a direct flight from Salt Lake City to London.

Nothing was planned, I had a moment of panic that I was going to be spending my birthday alone and sad and bored at home till I saw that I could take that late flight.

I booked my hostel when I had a confirmed seat. Non-Revving is no joke. I didn’t want to chance it. Then once I was in my seat in the aircraft I booked my day trip out of London on Viator.

My flight left out of salt lake around 9 at night and we got in around 2 in the afternoon. I got through security fairly quick and then through the exit to the train station.

I bought the ticket for the Paddington Express train as it was the closest to where I’d be staying.

My walk from the station to my hostel ended up being about an hour as I took my time taking pictures and just being all awestruck.

There was something exhilarating that I got all caught up in. No real plan, no real structure for two days. I knew no one and no one new me. I walked around London, I watched and I listened and I saw. I saw as much as I could and there was so much more that I wish that I could have.

I got to my hostel, I stayed at the Safestay in Kensington Holland Park. For the most part I liked where it was at and the price point was good. I checked in and then changed and went back out for the evening.

I wanted to see Big Ben, Charing Cross and Buckingham Palace.

I took a nice long walk from Holland Park through Kensington Gardens, Hyde Park, Along the round about of Piccadilly, to say hello to Buckingham Palace. There was still clean up from the Jubilee so I apologize that I do not have pictures and videos closer.

I kept walking, Getting down to Big Ben was a bit of a walk, lots of neighborhood, shops and the pubs with many out for a drink after work. And may I say all very well dressed.

I made my way finally to Big Ben, along River Thames, heading back I made my way up to Trafalgar Square, zigzagging my way back to Holland Park and my Hostel.

After making my way back and cleaning up a bit I made my way through the park and made my way to a gastropub for dinner and a drink.

And that ended the first day.

Next post will be about my full day bus tour.

With love,


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