Providence RI overnight

What to see and do in Providence Rhode Island on a 17 hour layover.

My crew and I flew into Providence Rhode Island on a 17 plus hour layover… we got in late had enough time to catch some sleep and wake up in the morning to explore before our 4 pm showtime.

I was able to use one of the bikes at the hotel and the other two were able to use the Spin app to rent bikes to better explore the city.

We first look got a light breakfast of coffee and scones at Seven Star Bakery before making our way up College Hill to explore Brown University’s Campus.

There were several points of interest on or near campus:

Brown Bear on Campus

‘The Breakfast Club’ crew style.

Athenaeum – oldest library in the the U.S.A

Benefit Street- colonial homes with cobblestone sidewalks.

We rode the bikes along Benefit St. down to India Point Park. I had wanted us to go and ride along the East Bay Bike Path. The bikes the two city bikes only allow you to go up to a certain radius of town. So we turned back through town all three of us getting hungry for lunch.

I planned us having lunch at Dune Brothers Seafood. I believe that we were all very satisfied with the decision to have lunch here. We all got a Lobster Roll and it does come with fries- so need to buy a side of fries. It’ll be way too much food and you and the rest of the crew won’t be able to finish.

After lunch the other two were ready for naps and a rest before our showtime. I ended up having other plans and walked up to the Capitol.

I figured that I’d just take some pictures and walk around the grounds. I had no idea that you could actually go inside and do a tour.

This was the first State Capitol that I have been inside of. You used a QR code to access for an audio tour. You learned about the history of Providence and the state of Rhode Island and a little of the construction of the State Capitol.

After the tour of the State Capitol I then walked on down Smith Street to the Roger Williams National Memorial.

Sadly it was closed that day. I read the plaques on the gardens and kept on my way back towards the hotel.

I of course stopped for another iced latte at a different coffee shop before heading back to get ready.

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